10 Foods Diabetics Shouldn’t Eat for Breakfast


Is your diabetes problems getting worse these days? Well there can be many reasons for it but one of the top reasons can be that the food you are eating isn’t recommended for diabetic patients. This article will mention the top ten foods which diabetic people shouldn’t eat for breakfast.

Diabetes and Breakfast:
The American Diabetic Association says that there are almost 86 million people in the United States suffering from prediabetes. This makes a lot of people who need to look out for foods to eat during breakfast. Now this doesn’t mean that breakfast is an unhealthy thing. In fact eating breakfast is quite healthy. Breakfast is done to break the fast between dinner and lunch. When a person doesn’t eat breakfast then the body goes in the fasting condition. Now when a person eats the lunch then the food is stored as fat because the body thinks that the food should be saved for later purposes. This leads to weight gain.

Top 10 Foods To Avoid For Diabetics:

You might be doing harm to yourself with unhealthy food choices. The following is the list of top ten foods to avoid for diabetic patients:

1. Diabetics should avoid Candies and sweets:
Candy is a total no-no breakfast food for diabetic patients. Candy can quickly raise a person’s blood pressure level and a person can’t do portion control when the main ingredient of food is sugar. You should eat fresh fruit instead of candy for breakfast. There are different fibers present in food which slow down the rise of blood pressure and give you a feeling of satiety when paired with foods like nut, cheese and yogurt. You can try eating apple with peanut butter and plain yogurt with mixed nuts for breakfast.

We know Some of the Indian Breakfast options are sweet like the following:

  1. Sera is a sweet dish made of suji, kissmiss, cashewnuts and added sugar , this is famous in Maharashtra
  2. Bengalis take rasagulla as a breakfast.
  3. People eat Gajar ka halwa in northern parts of India.

All these type of dishes with added table sugar should be avoided for breakfast if you are a diabetic

2. Diabetics should avoid eating White Rice for Breakfast:
You should avoid white rice at all costs for breakfast because certain ingredients in it cause a quick spike in your blood pressure. You can try brown or quinoa rice instead. Eating white rice can increase your blood pressure. So you should try pasta and bread for breakfast. People have a misconception that all the Asians eat white rice and they don’t have diabetes. But the Asians eat more wild and less processed type of rice. The rate of diabetes is highest in the city of Hawaii.

Breakfast foods to avoid for diabetics

3. Avoid Bed Coffee :
A simple cup of milk can be a perfect low-caloric beverage for a person with diabetes. But many coffees have rival decadent desserts for their high calories and fat content. As an example consider a 16 ounce Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha which has about 470 calories and 63 grams of carb. So it’s best to avoid coffee drinks for breakfast.

4. Say no to Fruit Juices in the Morning:
Fruits are beneficial but fruit juices are unhealthy for breakfast. The sugar in fruits is less concentrated and is absorbed slowly.

5. French Fries:
French fries are good for health in general but a large serving contains about 24 grams fat and 67 grams of carbohydrates. It’s better to eat a side salad with them if you are going to eat them.

6. Pasta Alfredo:
This dish contains 75 grams of fat and 100 grams of carbohydrates. You should try out whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce instead of it.

7. Bananas and Melons should be avoided for breakfast:
Fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals and thus they are a healthy addition to diet. But some fruits have more sugar in them. Bananas and melons are two fruits which have high sugar content in them. They can cause more spike in blood pressure than other foods.

8. Fruit Smoothies:
A fruit smoothie is a healthy food but can be a disaster if you already have diabetes. A large smoothie contains almost 510 calories and 92 grams of carbohydrates.

9. Breakfast pastries:
You should avoid donuts, bakery sweets and toaster pastries if you have diabetes. The reason is that they are all made from processed white flour and are high in sodium, carbohydrates and fats.

10. Chinese Foods:
You should avoid dishes with breading and sugary sauce like orange chicken or sweet and sour dishes. Make low sodium and low fat dishes at home, Even Noodles do not make for a healthy breakfast option for diabetics because they are rich in carbs and poor in fiber.

This article has mentioned the top foods which you should avoid if you have diabetes. In conclusion, you need to avoid these foods at all costs so that your blood sugar levels remain under control. choosing right breakfast is very important for diabetics because your blood sugar levels through out the day are influenced by the breakfast you take. So choose your breakfast wisely.