2nd Anniversary giveaways and recipe contest


My brain child www.healthydietfordiabetics.com tured 2, we are celebrating the second, Anniversary, Are you thinking why I am saying we,, We means who are we?  after all this blog is not run by me single-handedly! There are many people who helped our website reach this level.

[thrive_testimonial name=”Gowardhan Doddi” company=”” image=”https://healthydietfordiabetics.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/fb-pic-1-e1465902534138.jpg”]I want to thank all,

I thank our writers Dr. Yasmin Usman, Dr. Riyaz Sheriff and Mrs. Neha Madia for contributing articles to our website. I want to thank, Mr. Pramit Bhargav, Mr. Sonik Porwal, Mrs. kristie, Mr. Peter Gurdev , Mr. Pradeep Shintre, Mr. Sumant Joshi, Mr. Kuldeep Kumar and Mr. Prem Prakash for sharing their success stories about reversing their diabetes with www.healthydietfordiabetics.com

I want to specially thank Mr.kuldeep Kumar for keeping our whatsapp group active and insightful, recently Mr. Prem prakash is also helping me keep the group resourceful. And all the participants of the group as well.[/thrive_testimonial]

Why am I thanking so many people? CAN YOU GUESS?

Because I am overwhelmed with the response,,, See the info-graphic below to understand what we have achieved.

I always believe that saying thank you is not enough, So I want to give back something to the community and So here are two contests for you to participate and win gifts.

I will continue the contests in future too.


2 (1)


What we achieved ?

  1. 4000 Email Subscribers.
  2. 8000 Facebook Followers.
  3. Introduced Personal Diet Plan services.
  4. Publishing Reverse Diabetes Success Stories.
  5. We are going to release 2 Books.
  6. We are starting Recipe Contests and will continue do many more this year.

If you are really serious about reversing diabetes ! I am more serious about it, I want to reward you for reversing your diabetes.  Here is a challenging contest from www.healthydietfordiabetics.com.

Reverse gear is not just in your car It is in your life too, People who participate in this contest will get access to our whatsapp group and  get FREE Personal diet plan and telephonic consultation with me.

What should you do to enter this Reverse Diabetes contest?

  1.  Just send your selfie and send your name, age, diabetes diagnosed in , your present HBA1C to info@healthydietfordiabetics.com.
  2. Your pic along with your name and HBA1C will be published on our website along with all other participants.
  3. after 6 months we will again upload your selfie with improved HBA1C.


Now coming to the recipe contest. 

Recipe Contest (1)