How did Anandji reduced his HBA1C from 11.3% to 6.4% in 4 months ?


Sometimes Life throws most difficult challenges at us, But people who can face them bravely will create history where as others who surrender to the Life's challenges just spend their life worrying about the future.

Anandji was also shocked and depressed while he came to know that he was diagnosed as diabetic and his TSH Levels were also high. He was very upset to understand the fact that he can no more enjoy sweets and his favorite Mango. But as he was destined to create history- he has decided to fight against diabetes and with in 136 days he has proved many Doctors, big pharma and diabetics wrong, Diabetes can be reversed. 

Today's interview with Anandji, 

Let us understand his secret formula to reverse diabetes. 

His Family members, Friends and Doctor insisted him to take pills, but he has accepted the challenge in his mind to reverse diabetes without taking pills, that decision was the best one of his life,

"   I was very firm on my decision and during this phase,  Gowardhanji came in my Life as Guide and Mentor, he gave me moral support and assurance that 100% my Diet and lifestyle modifications  will give positive result within 6 months "

I will not make you wait more, Let us listen about Success story of Mr. Anandji in his own words

You are the Creator of your Own Destiny dont let diabetes control the way you live.

Management by objectives will work wonders not by pills.

Determined Man is powerful than Diabetes Devil.

Name: Anand Rajaram Choudhari

Age: 53

Type-2 Diabetic

Diagnosed Diabetic in: Dec 2017

Lives in: Mumbai, India.

Achievements :Dec 2017 - Apr 2018

  • HBA1C : 11.3% to 6.4% 
  • Average blood glucose : 278 mg/dL - 137mg/dL
  • Weight : 76kgs - 62.3 kgs
  • waist: 39 inches - 34 inches
  • TSH : 7.46- 5.7

When did you came to know about your condition : 04th Dec 2017.

What was your reaction when you got diagnosed with this condition?

I was shocked about the report and felt very tense because many people told that once you are declared Diabetic, you need to take medication for lifetime . Along with the medications fear of complications and restrictions on sweet foods made me sleeples . The biggest fear was that I have to give up mangoes which is really depressing for me. Further to this my TSH Harmone was also went out of range which also generally call for lifelong medications.

How did your Doctor confirm if you are prediabetic, Diabetic type1 or type 2 ?

The Report of HBA1C  was very clearly showing the result of Danger zone of diabetes with reading of 11.3% and Average Blood Glucose Level - 278 and my weight was 76kgs.

What lifestyle changes did you make to overcome / manage this condition ?

First ten days after being diagnosed as diabetic, I Researched about diabetes near 182 hours on the internet .

  • Then learnt about the Glycemic index and Glycemic load of foods which influence the blood sugar levels and incorporated diet changes.
  • Role of Exercise in Diabetes and type of exercises like strength training and walking etc. I was walking a lot every day from that day till today.

I have Clearly accepted the challenge in my mind that under any circumstances I will not take any type of medicine. My Family members, My Doctor was completely against my decision about not to take medications.

 But I was very firm on my decision and during this phase luckily Gowardhanji came in my life as Guide and Mentor who gave me moral support and prepared me to fight against diabetes and gave me assurance that 100% my diet plan and lifestyle changes will give positive result within 6 months

He guided me very nicely on phone call, whatsapp and email which yielded wonderful results within 136 Days.
HbA1c----6.4% ( Apr 2018) , 11.3% ( Dec 2017 )
ABG------137 ( Apr 2018), 278 ( Dec 2017 )

Waist -- 34" ( April 2018 ). 39" ( Dec 2017)

weight -- 62.3kgs ( April 2018 ), 76 kgs ( Dec 2017 )

What are your fasting blood glucose levels now?

100-125 mg/dl

What is your recent HBA1C %

latest HBA1C is 6.4%.

How important do you think is diet for managing diabetes?

I believe Diet is the basic cause of Diabetes, Food habits are important and Food is required but, the right foods should be chosen like The petrol car will run smooth if we feed petrol, choosing right foods can bring a lot of difference in controlling the average blood sugar levels.

What do you prefer to have in Breakfast

Amla and Aloevera juice at  8:00 am followed by 5 -6 types of fruits during the hours 6:00 am to 12:00 pm in larger quantity (approx 700 gms) I also add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder along with fruits. Mind blowing satisfaction that I can even eat mango , Absolutely no guilt in mind that my blood sugar levels will increase because I understood that eating fruits will bring down my average blood glucose level or HBA1C in the long run.

What do you have in lunch?

At 01:15 pm  I take 3 Chapati and vegetable curry followed by 2 dry Anjir (FIG) at the end. Then one spoon flaxseeds _ saunf .  

Before Lunch  I consume 320 gms of Raw vegetables like Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato, red beetroot, radish and capsicum.

What do you have for dinner?

I take dinner in between 07: 15 pm to  07.45pm

I take 3 CHAPATI (Alternate grains like bajra, nachani, jowar, mutligrain and wholewheat etc) , Vegetable curry, raw onion and Dal .

 Before  Dinner I consume 320 gms of Raw vegetables like Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato, red beetroot, radish and capsicum followed by 4 dates and 1 table spoon flax seeds + saunf.

Are you doing any workout and how important is workout in managing your condition?

Work outs are important. Workouts keep me energetic.

  • 5.30 am - 6.30am----YOGA & 5kg Dumbbells.
  • 12:00 pm --7 Floor  UP & DOWN, About 1800 Steps .
  • 03:00 pm --7 Floor UP & Down, About 1800 Steps.
  • 05:00 pm --7 Floor UP & Down, About 1800 Steps.
  • 09.00 TO 09.45 pm Treadmill Workout 6000 Steps.

How often do you check your blood glucose levels?

twice a week

How does monitoring your blood glucose levels help you?

It was giving me Assurance that , The diet and lifestyle plan I am following is going in the right direction.

Which blood glucose meter do you use and why did you choose to use that?

I use One touch.

Anything else you would like to share with us?NO Industrial Food.

Once in a week I used to eat food which is not recommended for diabetes to test the blood sugar levels , surprisingly spike in blood sugar did not went beyond 158 which means that diabetes can be reversed in short amount of time

  1. 10.30 to 05.15 am Sleeping hours.
  2. I sleep for one hour after morning workout from 06.30 - 07.30 am.
  3. Strictly no intake of food in between 08:00 pm - 06:00am
  4. Initial 2months brisk walk and total daily steps were 16000
  5. in between 12:00 pm - 06:00 pm I consume 100 grams of nuts like Almond, Walnuts, pista, peanuts & roasted chana
  6. No Animal Food including milk and milk products.
  7. No Industrial Food.
  8. Once in a week I used to eat food which is not recommended for diabetes to test the blood sugar levels , surprisingly spike in blood sugar did not went beyond 158 which means that diabetes can be reversed in short amount of time
  9. One more important thing I do is Daily 7 minutes laugh" in evening before going to sleep, I watch comedy scences of Charly chaplin, hindi movies or serial like Tarak Mehta etc

  HDFD Thanks Mr. Anand Rajaram Choudhari  for his valuable time and Advice,  Did you reverse your Diabetes, please tell us your story and Be a Role Model !!