How Diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction?


  Diabetes leads to the development of many other hosts of problems inside a human’s body. The type1 and type2 both have been found to be cureless to date. Even though there are few preventions to stabilize type 1 diabetes, for type2 the root cause and treatment are not yet discovered. Allopathy science can help … Read more

Can you reverse your Diabetes?


 Believing that reversing Diabetes is possible is the most important step in reversing diabetes. I would have already told about this thing many times, But I am repeating this because it is the most important step in the process of reversing diabetes. “​ ​Reversing Diabetes is Possible​” But I know that there are still few doubts in … Read more

7 Step Formula to Reverse Diabetes


 Most of my followers ask me a lot about diet, and they ignore the other things which are almost equally important than diet. many people even don’t realise that all other factors influence what we eat, how much we eat, and how often we eat. Today I will tell you, what are the other factors … Read more

sugar knocker review and user comments


 I am very much choosy about recommending supplements for diabetics because I prefer and suggest natural ways to reverse diabetes, I came across this herbal supplement Sugar knocker 2 years ago but I ignored it thinking it is another false product because there are many products which misuse good will of ayurveda.Recently I came across … Read more

What is this 8 weeks diabetes challenge ?


 You would have come across our 8 weeks diabetes challenge program. Still some of you are having some doubts about the program. so i will cover all the doubts.  question What is 8 Weeks Diabetes Challenge?In this 8 weeks, you will have to do 40 tasks given by us , There will be 5 tasks … Read more