Dr. Sujeet Kumar Gupta talks about Diabetes control and care


Today we have Dr. Sujeet Kumar Gupta from Mumbai, He is a Ayur Diabetes Specialist working with Geetanjali Ayurveda Center, In todays interview he is going to tell about managing diabetes effectively which he often shares on the Facebook group Diabetes Control and care.

What is your Profession ?
Dr Gupta is a qualified Ayurveda Physician from Bangalore University, Certified Dietitian &Nutritionist, Yoga Therapist and a Diabetes Educator.He has been practising since last 10 years in Mumbai at Geetanjali Ayurveda Center. His speciality being Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Diseases.He has been also associated with “VYASA” who has initiated the “Stop Diabetes Movement “in India.

diabetologist in mumbai
Dr. Sujeet Kumar , Ayur Diabetes Specialist – Mumbai

Works with / for
Dr Gupta presently works with Geetanjali Ayurveda Center and Diabetes Control & Care an initiative to Prevent Pre-diabetics to become diabetics and Preventing the complications; converting diabetes condition from severe to moderate, moderate to mild, and from mild to normal.In the Pipeline is ” Geetanjali Holistic Village” in Murbad near Mumbai to provide complete in house treatment to patients in a holistic manner.

How serious is Diabetes in India?
The estimate of the actual number of diabetics in India is around 40 million. This means that India actually has the highest number of diabetics of any one country in the entire world. IGT (Impaired Glucose Tolerance) is also a mounting problem in India.

The prevalence of IGT is thought to be around 8.7 per cent in urban areas and 7.9 per cent in rural areas, although this estimate may be too high. It is thought that around 35 per cent of IGT sufferers go on to develop type 2 diabetes, so India is genuinely facing a healthcare crisis.

In India, the type of diabetes differs considerably from that in the Western world.Type 1 is considerably more rare, and only about 1/3 of type II diabetics are overweight or obese.Diabetes is also beginning to appear much earlier in life in India, meaning that chronic long-term complications are becoming more common. The implications for the Indian healthcare system are enormous.

If a patient is diagnosed with prediabetes? What do you suggest

First step is to not to panic, embrace the situation. Prediabetes does not mean you will be diabetic for your whole life. Consult a Diabetes Educator or Dietitian /Nutritionist and your Doctor.


Plan a proper healthy balanced diet, reduce stress, do Yoga and 150 minutes of physical activity per week, regulation of sugar, salt, oil & junk food can help you to keep your sugars in control.

Is it possible to prevent diabetes , if one is is in prediabetic stage? 
Yes, Of Course if you follow your Doctor and your Diabetes Educator 100% it is.

How can I know if my pancreas is not producing insulin or my body is not responding to insulin?

This is referred to as insulin resistance. With insulin resistance, your pancreas produces insulin, but your cells aren’t using it as well as they should. When insulin is not working the way it should, your cells don’t absorb glucose properly, which leads to a buildup of sugar in your blood.

It’s not entirely clear why some people develop insulin resistance and others don’t. However, being overweight or obese are leading risk factors. A sedentary lifestyle can also result in prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes, especially if you’re also overweight.

Unfortunately, insulin resistance doesn’t usually have any noticeable symptoms. You could be insulin resistant for years and not know it, especially if you don’t have your blood glucose levels checked. Insulin resistance may damage your blood vessels without you realizing it, which can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. diet can also bring down insulin resistance

You are at significant risk for progressing to diabetes if you have insulin resistance. Just like insulin resistance, people with Type 2 diabetes may not feel any symptoms, especially in the early stages of the disease. Classic diabetes symptoms include extreme thirst and frequent urination. You may eat normally, or even more than you should, and still feel hungry if you have diabetes.

What are the pros & cons of Low carb high fat diet ?

Low carb high Fat diet is not recommended for Diabetics. Our body needs continuous energy which can be easily available only from Carbohydrates. High Fat diet in the long run can raise ketones levels in the blood and cause Keto Acidosis in the patient which is a life threatening condition. Fibre rich Carbohydrates will ensure slow and gradual release of glucose in the blood.

What is the best way to keep blood sugar levels consistently under control ?
The best way to keep blood sugar levels consistently under control is by having a balanced healthy diet, regular exercise, and regular intake of medications, yoga,and regular follow up with doctor, dietician and diabetes educator. Infact many of them can reverse their diabetes in a few months’ time.

Can you recommend any vitamin supplements ?

Herbal supplements are many, I recommend Zevit Forte or Cap Optisulin depending on patients affordability

How important is diet for diabetics to regulate blood sugar levels ?
It’s no secret that diet is essential to managing type 2 diabetes symptoms. While there is no cure-all diet that is perfect for everyone, dietary choices are important in keeping your blood sugar level in the safe range. Diet plays the most important role in regulating blood sugar, include fibre rich foods like Whole cereals, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds, Whole Vegetables and Fruits, Green Leafy Vegetables. Good amounts of fluids. Minimum milk products – 50 to 100ml.

It would be ideal to avoid animal products, bakery, and deep fried & processed foods.One can enjoy sweets made at home with whole cereals & unrefined jaggery occasionally in small quantities.

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