Best Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics


After being identified as a pre-diabetic, I have understood how important is breakfast for diabetics, because the breakfast a diabetic chooses to take has a major role in controlling diabetes. It is important to start your day with low sugar high fibre diet which can keep you full for longer time without consuming more carbohydrates. Being a South Indian I am a fan of Dosa and idli. But these foods consist of 60-70% carbohydrates which do not make them the best breakfast for diabetics.

So after a brief research and after talking to my Friend Manipal (Doctor) I have narrowed my breakfast menu to effectively manage my blood sugar levels. One thing I understood was to avoid Sugar, Salt and Oily Breakfasts.Most important thing is don’t start your day with a coffee or tea with sugar, that will start your day with high blood sugar levels, Infact leaving tea and coffee made of milk is recommended for diabetics.

Come let us see best breakfast ideas for diabetics. 

Monday’s Break Fast is Oats with Milk

I prefer taking Oats every monday as it is generally a non vegetarian sunday almost all time which makes my stomach heavy , So i prefer eating Oats with Milk sweetened by honey and added with almonds.  providing below a typical oats recipe i take. I enjoy Quaker Oats, They make me feel good. these are not available at my place , I purchase them from Amazon. 1 kg Quaker Oats costs around Rs 180 the cost is similar to saffola and kellogs but the taste and feel is amazing.

Oats 60 gms
Milk 150 ml
honey 1/2 teaspoon
almonds 4

You can see above is a best breakfast idea for Monday, Light and fiber rich breakfast with very less amount of honey just to make it bit sweet and Almonds are good for diabetics.

Tuesday’s Breakfast is Bread and Omlet

I prefer Brown Bread and Omlet as my Tuesday breakfast, it is easy to make fast to eat. Brown bread has a low glyacemic index than white bread , Egg is good in proteins which provides you energy and make you feel full.

My Breakfast choice for Wednesday is Sattu.

Sattu is a very good breakfast choice for diabetics, I feel full because it is a quick energy booster and also keeps the stomach cool, I prefer eating sattu with onion, I use this whenever I want to make something and eat it with in 5 minutes of time.

I just add water to sattu and take an onion chop it to medium-sized pieces and add them to the satttu semi liquid form.You can prepare numerous sattu recipes from sattu

sattu is good for diabetics

For Thursday I prefer Dosa /Peserattu as my Breakfast

Pesarattu is made of batter which is made of greengram, This dosa is famous in Andhra and it is a mouth-watering breakfast but  it is equally nutritious and can keep you full for longer times as it is made from green gram , in Andhra Pradesh Pesarattu is taken along with upma- They call it pesaratuu-upma, where upma is stuffed in pesarattu. Pesarattu is a diabetic friendly breakfast option. As most of you reading this might be new to this pesarattu-upma, i am linking you to a webpage which shows how to make pesarattu , Some times I also try Dosa which all of you know how to make how to eat !! 😆

Friday Breakfast is idli / poha

Idli is a famous breakfast choice, some of my friends can eat idlis for all the seven days in a week as a breakfast, But I am not a very big fan of idli but like to have it in  my breakfast once a week, Idli contains more amounts carbohydrates so it may be taken choosily. so i limit taking idli only once per week. I sometimes prefer poha, I got used to it when I went to pune and I liked their breakfast option Poha, They actually fry poha along with groundnuts and add a pinch of turmeric which makes it more healthy. Groundnuts keep u feel full.

Saturday is time from Parathas

you may be south indian or north indian? who doesn’t like parathas, Even I am a big fan of parathas, if you give me parathas i can even take them without any curry, many a times I have taken aloo paratha as my breakfast. They are tasty to eat good in wheat content which means fibre and will last till you take lunch even at 2 pm. parathas made of sattu are more nutritious and a healthy breakfast option for diabetics

Sunday is for my favourite breakfast puri / chole batura

On Sundays I prefer to eat puri or chole bhature, Both of theese are heavy breakfasts and not very good for health but I belive in breaking rules sometimes, at least one day we should eat food with no restrictions. I even eat sweets or ice cream on sunday. if  you don’t eat foods of your choice at least once a week you will not get refreshed.