BGR 34 Review , composition, side effects & user comments


Did you hear about BGR-34 recently, . there are many questions If BGR-34 can lower blood sugar levels, how much time will it take to show positive effects? can I discontinue Allopathic medicine if I use BGR-34? how much does BGR 34 cost?  are there any side effects of BGR 34? I will answer all your questions in this BGR 34 review covering every aspect. start reading.

What is BGR 34?

BGR 34 is prepared by plant extracts by keeping the old Ayurveda rules in view. This drug is developed by a council of scientific and industrial research (CSIR), Lucknow – India

[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B01M0DAWWX” locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″]BGR34 is an acronym for
R: Regulator
34: 34 active ingredients

How can BGR 34 fight Diabetes?

  1. It is enriched with 34 vital phytoconstituent extracts and derivatives according to healing principles of Ayurveda.
  2. It Converts proinsulin to insulin thereby increasing the amount of active functional insulin units.
  3. It is a Potential DDP-4 inhibitor having cardioprotective role.
  4. its anti-oxidant actions protect the body from radical species that are produced in response
    to high blood sugar.
  5. This is the most studied and clinically approved drug among all the available herbal agents against diabetes
  6. It Regulates glucose homeostasis by decreasing blood glucose synthesis and better utilization of
    extra glucose.
  7. It Reduces level of glycosylated Hb helping further to give a better control.

How Anti Diabetic drugs like BGR work ?

Antidiabetic allopathic drugs work by three main ways;

  1. provide more insulin.
  2. utilize insulin better.
  3. avoid extra glucose.

Drugs like sulfonylureas (glipizide, glimepiride) increase insulin level by stimulating pancreas. More insulin enters the bloodstream to tackle down the higher sugar levels.

Drugs like Avandia temporarily increase body’s sensitivity to insulin. Thirdly, there are drugs including famous metformin that prevent high levels of glucose by preventing the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose.

What does BGR34 claim to do?

BGR 34 improves insulin action, which can help more insulin sensitivity so that your cells can take glucose more effectively. One important mechanism of Berberine used in BGR34 is inhibiting DPP4, an enzyme which destroys the hormone incretin.

Incretins help the body produce more insulin only when it is needed and reduce the amount of glucose being produced by the liver when it is not needed. These hormones are released throughout the day and levels are increased at meal times.


Metformin does not act on DPP4 enzyme but is more effective than BGR 34 in managing blood sugar levels instantly , BGR 34 is a natural DPP4 inhibitor which can control your insulin levels, which means less long term complications and side effects

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BGR 34 Review , composition, side effects & user comments

 BGR 34 Composition (34 herbs)

BGR 34 is made of 34 natural herbs out of which I am listing the most significant ones below.

  1. Berberine – Potent DPP4 inhibitor
  2. Dehydrocheilanthifoline- Insulin secretagogues.
  3. oxo berberine -Regulates glucose homeostasis.
  4. Jatrorrhizineberis aristata Trigonella foenum graecum Rubia cordifolia.
  5.  hydroxy isoleucine -Insulinotropic Activity.
  6.  Galactomannan -Regulates glucose homeostasis and exerts diabetes induced cataract.
  7. α- tocopherol – Reduces level of glycosylated haemoglobin.
  8. Fenugreekine -Maintains blood glucose by slowing down metabolism.
  9. Rubiadin – Potentiates insulin effect due to increased peripheral utilization of glucose.
  10. Epicatechin- converts pro insulin to insulin.
  11.  Isoliquirtigenin-Anti-hyperglycaemic -Exerts regranulation of P terocarpus marsupium
  12. Magnoflorine – -Insulin releasing effect
  13.  Gymnemic acid – Modulates incretin activity & regeneration of pancreatic cells and delays glucose absorption in blood.
  14.  Gurmarin – Incretin mimicking action, delays absorption of glucose and interferes with ability of taste buds to differentiate between bitter and sweet.
  15.  Gymnemagenin – Maintains blood glucose homeostasis and anti-oxidant action.

Is BGR 34 effective? what do clinical trials reveal?

[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” cloak=”y” identifier=”B017YQMKVE” locale=”IN” localize=”y” tag=”readitt-21″]Clinical trials of BGR34 have shown 67% success rate in getting a good control over diabetes. All of the 34 ingredients have also been studied individuality to establish their safety and efficacy. Fortunately, all the ingredients have shown a good result. The herbal agents like BGR34 are an array of hope for the people who are not able to tolerate the side effects of allopathic drugs or have not shown a significant response to those drugs. Having no serious documented side effect has given BGR34 an upper edge over other products.

BGR34 Representatives claim that it will show results in 30 – 40 days (refer )

Who is manufacturing BGR 34?

Aimil Pharmaceuticals (I) Ltd. Is one of the fast growing Ayurvedic Pharma company, promoting its vast range of Generic and Proprietary Ayurvedic (Herbal manufactured products),  Its relatively a new company but managed to be in the list of top 10 Ayurvedic products companies where Dabur, Baidyanath and Zandu are in top 3 positions. recently one small organization name Sishrut Ayurved industries has introduced sugar knocker which also is proven to be effective, read my review about sugar knocker

Side Effects of BGR 34

Some of the BGR 34 users complained about side effects like  Gastric problems and allergy.

Some are claiming side effects some say it is safe and working well. see below a screenshot of revies I have pulled from World biggest health community Health unlocked.

bgr 34 review

Instructions about using BGR 34

  1. BGR 34 can be taken along with Allopathic medicines and insulin also.
  2. Dont stop Allopathic medicine without consulting your Doctor.
  3. You should check your blood sugar levels everyday if you are using BGR34 & Allopathic medicines.

BGR 34 user reviews

There is a mixed response regarding effectiveness of BGR-34, Some say it is very effective some say it is not, Some of them complained about side effects like  Gastric problems and allergy.  some of them are  happy. some of them are saying it is not able to control blood sugar levels.

BGR34 Representatives claim that it will show results in 30 – 40 days and they also say you need to follow a proper diet as recommended by them (BGR Diet chartIf it cannot regulate blood sugar levels , then you cannot discontinue metformin or other allopathic medicine you are using to control your blood sugar levels.

I have gone through some reviews on Amazon India, Majority of the people are happy using it. BGR 34 listed on amazon got rating of 3.8/5 which is not bad.

BGR 34 recommended dosage & cost

2 tablets twice a day before 30 minutes of your meal, one tablet costs INR 5, per day 4 tablets will cost you INR 600 / month.

Customer reviews on Amazon India suggest a rating of 3.8 /5 which is good. ( click here to visit the page)

FAQ on BGR 34 – Answered by AMIL Pharmaceuticals.

  1. Can BGR-34 be taken with other allopathic medicines?

Yes, BGR-34 is a safe and effective Ayurvedic medicine for maintaining normal glucose level in blood. If someone is already taking any allopathic medicines / insulin for diabetes management, he / she can start BGR-34 along with that.

BGR-34 works in a balanced manner with other allopathic OHG’s and after careful monitoring of blood sugar level, dosage of allopathic medicines may be tapered down.

2. I am a diabetic patient from last 10 years and taking allopathic OHG’s, will BGR-34 reduce my dependence on allopathic OHG’s?

Yes, BGR-34 reduces dependence on allopathic OHG’s. BGR-34 helps rejuvenate and repair β-cells of pancreas, acts as DPP-4 inhibitor, delays glucose absorption from small intestine, converts proinsulin to insulin, exhibits potent antioxidant activity, increases insulin production & utilization, increases sensitivity to the target organs. Thus it ultimately reduces the dependence on allopathic medicines, so you can gradually reduce/stop allopathic medicines under careful observation of physician.

3. How frequently should I monitor blood sugar level after starting BGR-34?

If you are a newly diagnosed diabetic patient, you can immediately start BGR-34 without any hesitation.

If you are already taking allopathic medicines (OHG’s), you can add BGR-34 along with allopathic medicines (OHG’s) and monitor blood sugar levels. Check fasting & PP sugar level on every alternate day initially and once in a week thereafter.

If you observe blood sugar level is quite under control, then you can taper down the dosage of allopathic medicines (OHG’s) under the supervision of physician.

4. How BGR-34 helps prediabetes patients ?

There is good news, however, prediabetes can be one opportunity for you to improve your health. Progression from prediabetes to type-2 diabetes isn’t inevitable with the regular usage of BGR-34 in the dosage of 1 tablet twice daily  along with healthy food habits including physical activity in your daily routine and maintaining healthy weight you may be able to bring blood sugar level back to normal.

You can read more FAQ’s on BGR 34 here

I also asked Dr. Sujeet Kumar Gupta , Ayur Diabetes Specialist from Mumbai who also actively runs Diabetes control and care facebook community ,  about any side effects of BGR34  on facebook messenger his reply is as follows.

bgr 34 review

HDFD Recommendation :

  1. Highly Recommended for prediabetics & newly diagnosed diabetics
  2. Insulin dependent Diabetics Can also try BGR 34 but it may take some time to see improvement , for insulin dependent diabetics it is recommended to take BGR-34 along with gurmar powder (  
  3. Existing Diabetics don’t stop Allopathic medicines, use Allopathic medicines parallelly with BGR 34, monitor your blood sugar levels and let your doctor know about this, so that you can reduce allopathic medication / insulin.
  4. I believe in Ayurveda and Indian herbs, So I strongly recommend to try it, if it does not work you will lose INR 1000 for 2 months.
  5. If you want to see it is working or not you should use it at least for 2 months.
  6. Dont neglect your diet thinking BGR34 will do wonders, Diabetes is best-managed with Diet (refer BGR 34 diet chart) , Exercise and nutritional supplements /medicine.

[content_container max_width=’700′ align=’left’]FINAL WORDS : When I started writing this post, I was not sure I will recommend it, but after getting positive feedback from others now I recommend using BGR-34.  it is not going to harm you, instead of controlling diabetes , you may go of medicines ! All the best[/content_container]

recommendation last updated on 04-07-16

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Many  users have used bgr-34 and are reporting positive results. You can also try it only caution you need to take is measuring your blood sugar levels more frequently , so that you can adjust your dosage of metformin with the help of your Doctor.

If you are still doubtful about using BGR 34 you can try using  Vijaysar Diabetic tumbler / [easyazon_link identifier=”B013FZXM2E” locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″ cloak=”y” localize=”y”]vijaysar herbal powder[/easyazon_link] / [easyazon_link identifier=”B019RV76V8″ locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″ cloak=”y” localize=”y”]Gudmar powder[/easyazon_link] (gudmar in sanskrit means sugar detroyer) which is highly effective in Diabetes

disclaimer: please consult your doctor before reducing dosage of insulin / medicines.           

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