Can cosmetics worsen diabetes ?


Diabetes among women is an increasing trend in the present times and is an issue that requires immediate attention. There are many causes that lead to diabetes but one of the recent findings have revealed a connection between beauty and diabetes. Women suffering from diabetes should refrain from using cosmetics as it may lead to aggravation of the disease. Recent studies at various medical schools have proven that using cosmetics has adverse effect on the diabetic women. The agent that causes this deterioration is called Monoethyl Phthalate (MEP), which is found in everyday cosmetic products.

Women with high volumes of MEP in their urine are projected to be more prone to being diabetic and the ones suffering from the same may experience increased troubles. MEP causes hormonal imbalance, which disallows the metabolism to function properly. Such disruption in body mechanism can lead to diabetes, as abnormal metabolism is one of the factors that lead to diabetes or make it worse. Diabetic women must therefore be wary of such products. It is not mandatory for companies to specify the Phthalate presence in the products. However, medical findings on the same have compelled the companies to introduce Phthalate free products.

cosmetics and diabetes

Since, Phthalate is widely used as a softening agent for plastics, it is very important to understand that it is not only present in the cosmetic products but also in their packaging. It is therefore widely recommended by professionals that diabetic women should refrain from using cosmetics. A higher level of Phthalate found in women has also revealed a direct proportionality to higher obesity levels. Obesity is one of the major causes for diabetes. Doctors advice diabetic people to have a healthy life that includes daily exercise to avoid higher obesity levels.

The primary cause for diabetes is the high glucose levels found in individuals. It is essential for diabetic patients to maintain the glucose levels in order to remain fit and healthy. Studies have proven that women with higher levels of MEP are reported to have higher blood glucose as compared to ones with lower MEP levels. Higher glucose levels cause disruption in normal functioning of the human body in case of diabetic patients as the insulin production that is necessary to absorb the glucose is hampered due to diabetes.

Dr. Tamara James-Todd (Associate Epidimiologist at Boston Womens Hospital ) says cosmetics can alter cell function.

Thus, it is indeed important for diabetic women to avoid cosmetic products as they may cause more harm to themselves in the process of self-beautification. Perfumes, self tans and lipsticks carry the highest quantities of MEP. Since they are the most basic everyday beauty products, their consumption cannot be stopped for some working women. Thus taking the following precautionary steps can help them reduce the risk of aggravating their diabetic problems.

I know that all beautiful women like you cannot stay away from cosmetics ,, so see what can be done

  • Eating protein rich and healthy food can lead to a better control over diabetes and increase the body’s resistance against the allied ailments of the disease.

  • If using cosmetics is unavoidable, then using Phthalate free products, which are packed in glass containers, is a good option.

  • Visiting family doctor periodically for checkup is a must to keep a tab on the diabetic levels and alteration in medication if needed.

  • At least 15 minutes of physical exercise should be a part of everyday routine as it helps in burning the calories and is a natural procedure that helps control diabetes.

  • Stress levels should always be kept in check, as stress is also a major cause for diabetes among the modern men and women who are victims of hectic work schedules and performance pressures.

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