Can Diabetics Eat Noodles? Lets investigate it deeply .


As per the World instant Noodles Association  China and Hong kong are in number one position and surprising thing is India is in 5 th position, There are almost 12 basic varieties of noodles including veg and non vegetarian. But the question we want to answer today is Can diabetics eat noodles? We all know that noodles contain high percentage of carbohydrates and moreover they are packed food so they come with some additives and preservatives.

For youngsters Maggie is like a daily food. But it is very well know eating such type of packed food daily is not a healthy option. Even the so-called Atta Noodles are also not a great option, In fact you can make noodles more healthier by adding veggies like carrot , green peas and onion.

Nutritional Information of  Instant Noodles. the below information is extracted from Wikipedia.

harmful foods for diabetics

Energy  453 kcal instant energy
Carbohydrates 65 gms rich in carbs
Fiber content 2.4gms poor in fiber content
Fat 7 gms moderate fat content
Saturated Fats 7.6 gms
Mono Saturated Fats 6.5ms
Protein 9 gms this is a good thing


So now our main aim of this article Can Diabetics eat Noodles ? From the above table it is understood that Instant noodles contain more carbohydrates and saturated fats.  The contents of instant noodles may convince us to consume them more because on paper they look good ( most food brands are not providing the accurate information) but the reality is that any food which is preserved for long periods of time is not healthier. So my advice is to consume Noodles occasionally may be once a week is OK. and if you want to take noodles more frequently, you may try it by mixing carrots, green peas, egg, chicken or may try to consume it in the form of soup.

presence of high amounts of sodium is a major concern for diabetics who want to consume noodles, So if you want to consume noodles, its is advised not to use the masala sachet which comes with instant noodles pack, because the masala packet inside your instant noodles pack contains lots of sodium/salt, So better you try them by adding salt by yourself,  . As you already know Doctors say diabetics to consume less amounts of sodium/ salt. Frying oil used to make instant noodles is also a concern. because maintenance of the oil may be poor which may pose various health risks.

 See below the video of How instant Noodles are made? So that you can decide how often you want to eat them.

By the end we can understand, Everything has its upside and downside, It’s up to us to judiciously take a decision. As far as hdfd is concerned Diabetics should consume noodles only occasionally.