Can diabetics eat sweets ?


Diabetes is a common condition and so are the diabetes myths. There is a lot of misinformation that rules the minds of people. Right from the causes of diabetes to the treatment plan, there are a bundle of myths that are entirely false. One such myth is related to eating sweets in diabetes. You must have heard people sayings that eating sweets in diabetes is totally prohibited. Most of the diabetics even follow this advice and stay away from all kinds of sweets. Even some healthy individuals give up sweets owing to the fear of getting diabetes.

However, you need to understand the link between sugars and diabetes. Not all the sugars are same and not all of them are bad. Even the type of diabetes must be considered before imposing or advising some sort of sweets’ restriction. The following text will debunk this common misconception about diabetes and you will be pleased to know that even a diabetic can fulfill his/her sweet cravings.

Can you really eat sweet stuff?
A diabetic has to analyze his/her diet and a balance must be achieved. If sweets are a part of that balanced approach, then you can enjoy them without having spikes of raised blood glucose. You must know the following three points about your sweet diet:
What kind of sweet it is?
How much to take?
How much calories does it contain?

can diabetics eat sweets

Here is a step by step guide for you on how to choose sweet items best suited for you.

Make a list of your personal favorites and then analyze them according to the calories and carb content. If the dish is extremely high in calories and makes use of table sugar, maybe it is best that you avoid that.

You can make regular sweet dishes more suited for your purpose by replacing table sugar with sugar options especially designed for diabetics. One such example is splenda (sucralose). Since weight is a crucial factor for the control of diabetes therefore it is important to look for calories in each dish. Natural sugars are best and should be preferred in cases of diabetes. Natural sugars include beet sugar, honey, maple syrup, turbinado sugar and agave.

Make sure you choose the right amount of any sweet dish. There is no rational reason for completely abstaining from all types of sweets. You can eat whatever you like if you have an understanding of the serving size. This is especially important for some special occasions as you can share a piece of gulab jamun with your friends. Always remember that serving size is important and it is the only factors that really matters. You can also maintain a balance by substituting a sweet in place of some carb rich food.

Can eating sweets cause diabetes?

Another related myth is that taking too many sweets can cause diabetes. This is also a huge baloney! Sweets have not been shown to have a direct potential to start diabetes in any person. Researchers believe that high calories, instead of sugar, cause the onset of diabetes. So, if you’re eating fried food for long, you’ll get diabetes with those too. It’s not just with sugary food.

Calories present in sweets may contribute to weight gain and insulin resistance. However, its obesity not the sugars that can initiate the diabetes process in a healthy individual. In type1 diabetes, even calories don’t have any role in starting the disease. It’s a genetically compromised pancreas that fails to produce enough insulin.

In a nutshell, sweets can be consumed by all the diabetics within certain limits and a balance must be observed.