Can I Overcome Type-2- Diabetes


Yes for sure, We all can over come Diabetes. There are lots of myths about Diabetes. Before we start to know how to fight and conquer diabetes , Every one who is diabetic or pre-diabetic or even non diabetic should know about mis-conceptions and myths about diabetes. Following are the famously infamous myths about diabetes around the world.

To accept the fact that you are diabetic or pre-diabetic just feels disgusting to any one. we just want to stay in the sweet lie that ” I am not diabetic” instead of accepting the bitter truth that – I am now pre-diabetic and let me do all that i can to take control over it.

Myths about Diabetes

  1. Diabetics cannot eat sweet any more.
  2. I am Fine and I don’t have diabetes.
  3. Diabetes cannot be cured.
  4. Avoiding Carbohydrates is the best way to control blood sugar levels.
  5. medicines are the only way to control diabetes.
  6. Only people who are obese have the risk of diabetes.

I called all of them as myths, because All of them are not completely true and the reality differs from what is written above.

Now let us see the

Facts about Diabetes

1. Diabetics can eat sweet, they need not sacrifice sweet 100%, You can occassionally taste a chocolate, dessert or a pastry. But you need to only take them ocassioanlly becasue sweets have a lot of sugar content which can pump your blood sugar levels high, But if you crave for sweet you may prefer eating fruits which have a low glyacemic index.  All Diabetics should know about Glyacemic index.

2. Most of us don’t like to go to hospital or see a doctor when everything is fine, But it is very important we go through yearly health check-ups . Because the famous Doctor Reavens mentioned the out come of his research – ” About 80 Million Americans are having syndrome x” Does that sound alien to you? It should not – because If you are diabetic or prediabetic now that means you were having syndrom -x few years ago. ( syndrome x means your body becoming less sensitive to the insulin produced by your body )

3. Diabetes cannot be cured! , Of course there is no cure as of now but with proper life style changes and proper diet one can control diabetes effectively. This is a million dollar question and there lot of researches are  being done about the probability of diabetes for different race.

probability of diabetes by race

4. Avoiding Carbohydrates is not the right way, it is a fact that more carbohydrates means more blood sugar levels, But we cannot avoid carbohydrates totally because carbohydrates have other nutrients which benefit human body. for example potatoes are not a preference for diabetics, potatoes are cholestrol free, rich in vitamin c and high in potassium. So it is all about balancing the diet ,, Diabetes means not eliminating any particular food

5. Most of the people think diabetes i the only way to control diabetes, But the fact is that you will be able to effectivle manage your diabtets with good lifestyle – like exercising, proper sleep and discipline and having balanced diet. I can swear on this as my Father managed his diabetes for 10 years without taking pills just by making changes to his lifestyle.

6. Don’t ever think only Obese people have the risk of  diabetes- It is not the case – People who are developing fat around stomach only are having high risk of getting diabetic, Particularly if your friend or brother says though I am not eating much – My waistline is growing !! You should warn them about syndrome-x and advice them to make lifestyle changes immediately. Making lifestyle changes can delay diabetes for 5 or more years.

I was highly motivated after reading the book –What Your Doctor does not know about Nutritional Medicine May be killing you-  written by Doctor Ray D Strand – M.D.  i GOT the confidence that I will be able to effectively control Diabetes. Just believe this — it is possible.

Come Lets fight against Diabetes