Can you reverse your Diabetes?


Believing that reversing Diabetes is possible is the most important step in reversing diabetes. I would have already told about this thing many times, But I am repeating this because it is the most important step in the process of reversing diabetes.

"​ ​Reversing Diabetes is Possible​"

But I know that there are still few doubts in your mind like

  • 1. Can I really reverse my Diabetes?
  • 2. what all foods should I sacrifice in-order to reverse Diabetes?
  • 3. Will my life be normal again and if I can enjoy my favourite foods?
  • 4. I have seen people taking medicines life long?

There are many different ways to reverse diabetes, There are many people who are motivating diabetics to reverse diabetes, I am listing below few of them.

  • Dr.Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury. (Internationally renowned Medical Nutritionist)
  • Dr. Nandita Shah. (Sharan Foundation )
  • Dr. Pramod Tripathi. (Freedom from Diabetes)
  • We at also motivate and guide people to reverse diabetes.

I will tell you about few people who have reversed diabetes and we have published their

stories on our website

reverse diabetes success stories

Following are the examples you can see to draw Inspiration.

Let's get deep into Anandji's Story.

Sometimes Life throws most difficult challenges at us, But people who can face them bravely will create history where as others who surrender to the Life's challenges just spend their life worrying about the future.

Anandji was also shocked and depressed while he came to know that he was diagnosed as diabetic and his TSH Levels were also high. He was very upset to understand the fact that he can no more enjoy sweets and his favorite Mango. But as he was destined to create history- he has decided to fight against diabetes and with in 136 days he has proved many Doctors, big pharma and diabetics wrong, Diabetes can be reversed. 

What did Anandji do then, in his own words

I have Clearly accepted the challenge in my mind that under any circumstances I will not take any type of medicine. My Family members, My Doctor was completely against my decision about not to take medications.

 But I was very firm on my decision and during this phase luckily Gowardhanji came in my life as Guide and Mentor who gave me moral support and prepared me to fight against diabetes and gave me assurance that 100% my diet plan and lifestyle changes will give positive result within 6 months

He guided me very nicely on phone call, whatsapp and email which yielded wonderful results within 136 Days.
HbA1c----6.4% ( Apr 2018) , 11.3% ( Dec 2017 )
ABG------137 ( Apr 2018), 278 ( Dec 2017 )

Waist -- 34" ( April 2018 ). 39" ( Dec 2017)

weight -- 62.3kgs ( April 2018 ), 76 kgs ( Dec 2017 )

So it is very much possible for you to reverse your Diabetes, comment in the comments section of the post if you got some confidence to reverse your diabetes or share your experience.