Matta Curd Rice & Moongh Dal Diabetic Recipe


 This is a diabetic friendly and a balanced, probiotic-rich meal, ideal for lunch box packing as well. Red rice is known for its cholesterol lowering effects and also for many other health benefits. I have added vegetables in the moong dhal curry, so the protein and vegetable portion of the meal is also taken care … Read more

Can Diabetics drink milk tea ?


 I happen to oversee a lot of discussion about Milk and milk tea for diabetics in our  whatsapp group. There is always a disputeToday’s topic is “Can Diabetics Drink Milk Tea? ” problem is there is no straight answer to this. So I will break down the topic into few small topics. Quick NavigationSurvey results … Read more

Can Diabetics Eat Watermelon?


 I have been receiving facebook messages &  emails asking if Diabetics can eat Watermelon? Most of us like Watermelon, And in Summer we cannot say NO to Watermelon at all.  Glycemic index of Water melon is 72 which is on the higher side.  But The Glycemic load of water melon is 9 which is very … Read more

How to make diabetic friendly Rotis with Oats


  Eating Roti is very common in some parts of India, Rotis are good as they are made of wheat, imagine adding Oats to wheat flour to make rotis more fibre rich, That’s about todays recipe, I am sharing with you . Oats Masala Roti. You can call it diabetic friendly as fenugreek seeds / … Read more