Can Diabetics eat Dosa?


 Dosa is a famous south Indian breakfast! Which is now eaten all over India. As Dosa is rich in carbohydrates Every Diabetic has this Question ” Can diabetics eat Dosa”  Of course you can but you may have to limit the no of Dosas you take and also may modify the recipe and try making … Read more

Can Diabetics drink Coconut water ?


 Short answer for your question ” Can Diabetics drink coconut water ?” is Yes, Lets investigate more deeply. Coconut water is a natural drink rich in minerals and vitamins. As per several researches  consumption of matured coconut water can reduce blood sugar levels, glycated hemoglobin levels and improvement in plasma insulin levels. Let us analyse … Read more

Can diabetics eat sweets ?


 Diabetes is a common condition and so are the diabetes myths. There is a lot of misinformation that rules the minds of people. Right from the causes of diabetes to the treatment plan, there are a bundle of myths that are entirely false. One such myth is related to eating sweets in diabetes. You must … Read more

which fruits should diabetics eat ?


 Diabetes healing is largely dependent on diet. If you are not careful about your diet, medications and all other measures will fail to heal you. Fruits are an important part of diet and everyone wants to have these delicious items. To your surprise, some fruits can also be used to heal your diabetes problem. Most … Read more

Best Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics


 After being identified as a pre-diabetic, I have understood how important is breakfast for diabetics, because the breakfast a diabetic chooses to take has a major role in controlling diabetes. It is important to start your day with low sugar high fibre diet which can keep you full for longer time without consuming more carbohydrates. … Read more

Can Diabetics Eat Noodles? Lets investigate it deeply .


 As per the World instant Noodles Association  China and Hong kong are in number one position and surprising thing is India is in 5 th position, There are almost 12 basic varieties of noodles including veg and non vegetarian. But the question we want to answer today is Can diabetics eat noodles? We all know that … Read more