Diabetes can make you healthy, happy & rich!!


 What are you talking are you crazy?? Dimaak karaab hogaya kyaa ?? you don’t know how painful diabetes is??Mazaak mat karna, Are these your reactions reading the title !! Yes Title is true, especially for type-2 diabetes. I will justify, how can you make it true, Type-2 Diabetes is a life style disorder, You are … Read more

What happens in Diabetes type-2 inside your body


 What happens in diabetes inside your body ? Do you know? You can roughly answer this question saying, Blood sugar levels are high in type -2 diabetes,, and some one else says in diabetes type-2 pancreas do not produce enough insulin, and some one else will say- If type-2 diabetics will eat rice /sweets/potato their … Read more

What are the Causes of type 2 Diabetes


 I know there are many Authoritative websites on the internet who wrote about What are the causes of Type 2 Diabetes? But I could not find the answer which really convinced me and of-course inmost of the cases, the explanation was quite complex to understand, So in this article my sincere effort is to make anyone … Read more

insulin resistance symptoms and recommended tests


 You are interested to know more about insulin resistance symptoms, that indicates you may be a prediabetic or diabetic type -2 who studied somewhere that if you can improve your insulin resistance you can take control over your blood sugar levels and lower your diabetes medications and further people with type -1 diabetes may also … Read more

Different ways to check blood sugar levels


 People suffering from diabetes need to measure their blood sugar levels from time to time. You should be able to measure your own blood sugar levels because it can become an important tool in managing diabetes. There are different electronic devices (glucose meter) present in the market that you can use to measure your blood … Read more