Mediterranean diet can work wonders for diabetics


 Looking back into the history, If you were to look at the populace of the Mediterranean area, you will see the fact that they have the lowest risk of diabetes throughout the word. The explanation for such low-frequency of diabetes in these areas has been clarified by many studies and it has been proposed that Mediterranean … Read more

Diet Tips for Diabetics with high blood pressure


 Diabetes is closely linked to high blood pressure due to its effects on vessels and circulatory system. This close relation makes a diabetic more prone to get an abnormally high blood pressure. In both disorders, diet has a pivotal role in relieving or exacerbating the intensity of disease. In diabetes, foods high in sugars directly … Read more

Wonderful Diet for High Blood Sugar Levels


 In a  single line, favoring Low glycemic index foods is the best High blood sugar diet a person with Diabetes can follow. If you are experiencing high blood sugar levels all the time, then there might be definitely something wrong with your diet.But remember Diet alone is not responsible for High Blood sugar levels. Eliminate Animal … Read more

Gestational Diabetes Diet can make your pregnancy easy and healthier


 You are pregnant and in your routine check-ups, did the Doctor say your blood sugar levels are high ? Don’t get Anxious you are not alone As per International Diabetes Federation about 15% of Pregnant women are having Gestational Diabetes and in India alone there are 4 million pregnant women have gestational diabetes, So don’t … Read more