High Protein Foods List for Diabetics


 I want to list all the high protien foods for diabetics available on this earth, But before that I want to make a point that Some foods which are high in protein can make diabetes worse in the long run, It may sound surprising to you but the fact is that some foods rich in Proteins … Read more

Best Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics


 After being identified as a pre-diabetic, I have understood how important is breakfast for diabetics, because the breakfast a diabetic chooses to take has a major role in controlling diabetes. It is important to start your day with low sugar high fibre diet which can keep you full for longer time without consuming more carbohydrates. … Read more

Energy boosting Foods for diabetics which do not spike up blood sugar levels


 Feeling Hungry and Eating More? Still feel like your body is not able to generate enough energy! , This is what most of the Diabetics experience, Infact Diabetics feel short of Energy most of the time, But dont think it is common for diabetics to live a Lethargic and Energy hungry life, craving for energy all … Read more

low glycemic index foods for Indians


 You are here because you may be already knowing that Low glyacemic index foods are good for diabetics. But I still want to explain in brief why glyacemic index is a important factor? Foods with carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream tend to have a high Glyacemic index. … Read more