Can you reverse your Diabetes?


 Believing that reversing Diabetes is possible is the most important step in reversing diabetes. I would have already told about this thing many times, But I am repeating this because it is the most important step in the process of reversing diabetes. “​ ​Reversing Diabetes is Possible​” But I know that there are still few doubts in … Read more

How did Anandji reduced his HBA1C from 11.3% to 6.4% in 4 months ?


 Sometimes Life throws most difficult challenges at us, But people who can face them bravely will create history where as others who surrender to the Life’s challenges just spend their life worrying about the future.Anandji was also shocked and depressed while he came to know that he was diagnosed as diabetic and his TSH Levels … Read more

I dont count calories but I have reversed my diabetes !


 When one door is closed 3 more doors open, God always helps you Says Kumar ji ( name changed), After changing his eating habits his lab results were all normal within one month, of course he was just getting into diabetic zone so it is comparatively easy to reverse diabetes but just within a month … Read more

How did Mr.Kuldeep Kumar reverse his diabetes naturally?


 Most of us take things easily when it comes to health, Mr. Kuldeep Kumar also did not take diabetes seriously, After being Diabetic for 10 years he started experiencing complications like continuous back pain, joints pain, and Eye sight started worsening, So he thought why should I allow all these complication happen to me and Decided … Read more