diabetes impact on fertility and sex life


 Diabetes has the potential of complicating many aspects of human health. Long standing or poorly controlled diabetes can affect sex life of both the males and females in a bad way. In fact, diabetes is one of the major causes of infertility in males and females. Although it’s embarrassing to talk about sexual problems; but … Read more

Can cosmetics worsen diabetes ?


 Diabetes among women is an increasing trend in the present times and is an issue that requires immediate attention. There are many causes that lead to diabetes but one of the recent findings have revealed a connection between beauty and diabetes. Women suffering from diabetes should refrain from using cosmetics as it may lead to … Read more

Can I Overcome Type-2- Diabetes


 Yes for sure, We all can over come Diabetes. There are lots of myths about Diabetes. Before we start to know how to fight and conquer diabetes , Every one who is diabetic or pre-diabetic or even non diabetic should know about mis-conceptions and myths about diabetes. Following are the famously infamous myths about diabetes … Read more