What are the Causes of type 2 Diabetes


I know there are many Authoritative websites on the internet who wrote about What are the causes of Type 2 Diabetes? But I could not find the answer which really convinced me and of-course inmost of the cases, the explanation was quite complex to understand, So in this article my sincere effort is to make anyone understand what was the cause of their diabetes ?

It is very important to understand what are the causes of Type 2 diabetes? Because understanding causes of Type 2 diabetes can help us know what can be done to go back or get our body back to normal. Unfortunately Type 2 Diabetes is a condition which goes un-noticed for more than 5 years in some cases , If you could spot if you are a prediabetic or diabetic early and start changing your lifestyle, it is very well possible you can reverse Type 2 diabetes,

Don’t be confused and ask me reversal means cure? Yeah I can say cure, But it again depends on how you live, you modify your life style and cultivate good eating habits and make exercise a part of your daily routine and sleep well. things will be fine. Its just like if you are careful and have good life style you maintain a healthy weight and look handsome and if you don’t follow you get fat.

Diabetes is also just like that. After a lot of research I understood, Diabetes is all about living as per nature’s law or living against nature’s law. We are breaking rules, Our Ancestors were eating food grown in their own village or a near by town, So The food used to be consumed very fresh which was loaded with nutrients, Let us try to understand, what are the Causes of Diabetes?

First cause of Type 2 Diabetes is the Food we take 

Food we take is not wholesome, i.e we are not taking balanced diet, A balanced Diet is one which is full of carbs, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals which makes the food nutritious.

problem is

we like To Eat Rasagulla (processed food) , avoid eating Apple (natural food)

we like To Eat Pizza for Dinner (processed) , Avoid Roti and Dal ( less processed)

we like To Eat Chocolates filled with nuts ( processed and high in sugars) , Avoid Eating life saving nuts like Almond, Peanuts and Walnuts etc.

Ok let me come to the point so, How the food we are taking causes Type 2 Diabetes

When you were normal the following use to happen inside your body

  1. You Eat your favorite food.
  2. Digestion takes place in Stomach, harmones released  breaks down food into Glucose, Fatty Acids and Amino Acids, vitamins and minerals
  3. Now if the glucose levels are high, Pancreas produces Insulin to push glucose into your cells.
  4. Insulin accompanies Glucose to the cells and insulin receptors open the gates for glucose to enter into your cell.
  5. Body takes the glucose required and stores the remaining glucose in the form of glycogen reserves which will be used when you do exercise or when you need energy.
  6. At the cell surface, GLUT4 permits the facilitated diffusion of circulating glucose down its concentration gradient into muscle and fat cells



Till now everything is fine, Our Body is patiently bearing the abuse we do to it

What happens if you eat food which converts into glucose easily but do not spend it enough, I mean lack of physical activity.

Your pancreas job is keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range so it produces more insulin, it keeps on producing more insulin as you eat rasagolla, Kalakand, jalebi etc to the satisfaction of your eyes and Stomach.

Insulin is produced more because your pancreas is healthy. Insulin receptors are produced by the cells  just like insulin is produced by pancreas But slowly the no of insulin receptors in your cells are degraded.

In course of time more insulin receptors are synthesized, But if you keep on eating Rasagolla and drinking coco colas etc , glucose levels are high and insulin levels are high , So there will be shortage of insulin receptors who can answer the call of insulin ” Hey darwaja kolo glucose lekar aaya hun” So Glucose do not reach the cells and as a result you feel low on energy and your blood will have high glucose levels and high insulin levels. If you are prediabetic it is more important to check your insulin levels  instead of blood sugar levels.

This will continue to happen, I mean Raised insulin levels means more of Fat accumulation in your body. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that allows your body to use sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates in the food that you eat for energy or to store glucose for future use in the form of glycogen, but the limitation is that Glycogen stored in the liver lasts for 12-14 hours only.

Point here is not much of unused glucose can be stored in the form of glycogen,

  1. So Glucose from the food we take is supplied to cells
  2. Left over glucose to liver in the form of glycogen stores
  3. Still left over glucose ( don’t ask me how much glucose is left out yaar?? Ask your self how many Bisuits did you eat in the Evening meeting  or how many cups of coffee or tea you drink today  🙄 )So the remaining glucose is stored as fat, what can the poor insulin do still glucose is there but your cells cant take it and your glycogen stores are full so it helps in accumulating fat in our body.

These accumulated fat over a period of time will make our cells insulin resistant, which actually is the cause of type 2 diabetes.

 for more scientific terminology refer below text.

Increased intramyocellar fat content and fatty acid metabolites, for example, FACoA and DAG, are likely to play a pivotal role in the development of insulin resistance in skeletal muscle. Through activation of serine/threonine kinases and serine phosphorylate the IRS-1, fatty acid metabolites impair IRS-1 phosphorylation by the insulin receptor and lead to the defect in insulin signaling in insulin resistant individuals.

  1. Body needs Glucose, Protein, Vitamins etc in a proper proportion because glucose can give instant energy but Protein is needed to build the walls and other parts of the cell.
  2. The fats that we eat in our foods are mostly “triglycerides”. These are made up of 3 (hence “tri”) fatty acids attached to a glycerol molecule, These three type of fats are saturated fats, unsaturated fats and trans fat. Fats are required to maintain an energy store, replenish cell membranes, carry fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K etc.

The point I want you to note down is all type of food carbs, protein and vitamins are required by the body. But over eating or under eating any of these type of foods is not good and disturbs the balance.

Approximately 50,000 cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells during the time it takes you to read this sentence. We make a new skeleton every three months and a new layer of skin every month.

Below is the text mentioning how cells get damaged and destroyed if they lack in nutrition.

Your cells need a full spectrum of vitamins, especially the B-vitamins, to support energy production and keep the level of offshoot free radicals at a minimum. Your cells also need healthy fats (like the omega-3 fatty acids) and a good source of proteins to support healthy, protective membranes. And, your cells need a high intake of antioxidants, like the vitamin E family compounds found in the germ of whole grains, vitamin C found in citrus foods, and the carotenoids from vegetables to protect against free radical damage to your DNA.

Without this range of nutrients and phytonutrients, the membranes in your cells can become brittle, develop holes (become leaky), not be able to function properly, and not be protective for your cell’s DNA and energy producing machinery. Once unprotected, your DNA can develop mutations which can cause the cell to be unable to function, or even to become malignant (cancerous).

Damage to your energy producing machinery can decrease energy production and lead to an increase in generation of free radicals, causing more damage and destroying your cell’s ability to function entirely. So don’t ever rely on low carb, low fat, high protien etc sort of diets. Diet should mean high nutrition . Go for a diet which can provide all the nutrition required by your body.

Second Cause of  Type 2 Diabetes is Lack of  Physical Activity

So why insulin is storing glucose as fat because we eat but we don’t have much physical activity, 

What is the link with exercise and cell rejuvenation is ???

It is now thought that inactivity leads to a toxic levels of unused oxygen and a high energy state in a mitochondrion. This creates more free radicals which cause damage to the mitochondrion and therefore the cell. Damaged mitochondria create inflammation, faster aging and lead to most long-term conditions. Exercise therefore increases the resilience of every cell and this is why physical activity has such far-reaching benefits to health. read more here

Third cause of Type 2 Diabetes  is Lack of sleep

When you’re sleep deprived, leptin (the hormone that signals satiety) falls, while ghrelin (which signals hunger) rises. In one 2010 study, researchers found that people who slept only four hours for two consecutive nights experienced:

  • 18 percent reduction in leptin (harmone which signals brain about fullness )
  • 28 percent increase in ghrelin ((harmone which signals brain about hunger )

Why because lack of sleep leads to hunger / Over eating, especially your body will crave for carbs and sugars. and also lack of sleep will damage insulin receptors, this way if you continue to have deprived sleep for prolonged periods you are body may develop insulin resistance which is a number one cause for diabetes.

it is also a time for physical restoration, the repairing and renewing of tissues and nerve cells, the neutralization of neurotoxins, and the restoration of normal levels of chemicals throughout our bodies, While sleeping your body repairs itself, So lack of sleep slows down your metabolism, And you know Diabetes is a Metabolic Disorder.

Fourth Cause of Type 2 Diabetes is Stress

Since, under stress, most of your cells become insulin-resistant, some of that extra glucose stays in the blood and causes damage to nerves and blood vessels. The rest of it gets converted to abdominal fat, and your LDL (“bad cholesterol”) level goes up. Stress also raises your blood pressure and heart rate to pump blood to the leg muscles for the running away that we’re not doing. This is a combination likely to cause all kinds of problems.

Stress also causes diabetes through behaviors, because the easiest way to treat stress is with food high in sugar or saturated fat. These “comfort foods” raise our levels of endorphins and serotonin, our bodies’ natural “feel-good” chemicals. They make us feel more calm and more in control. But the good feelings don’t last long. Our blood sugars drop again when our insulin response catches up to them, and pretty soon you feel worse than before. You need another “fix.” Meanwhile, you will have added to your insulin resistance and your abdominal fat.

Another way stress hurts us is by depressing the immune system, the body’s natural repair and defense program. Stress doesn’t care about long-term health, because there will be no long-term unless we survive the immediate crisis. Repair can wait until the crisis is over. (Read article – The Stress Diabetes Connection)

CONCLUSION: What I understand is that Type 2 Diabetes by itself is not a disease, It is just a Metabolic Disorder, If you are able to repair your metabolism , i.e the process of giving cells exactly what they want (I mean not less not more) , reactions which takes place in body to keep everything in balance you can win over diabetes, So Ultimately it is what type of food we take, how much food we take, how much physically active are we, how much sleep we have and how happy we are decides we will have diabetes or not ??


So Now Start Reversing your insulin resistance , Start producing more insulin in your body and reverse your diabetes.

Are you convinced with my explanation? If your answer is yes please share this  and spread awareness .

If you are not convinced or wanna educate me, please leave a comment below !

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