Are Products Like Diaba Amrit Effective for Curing Diabetes?


if you are from India You would have come across a television commercial about Diaba Amrit , Now you are in a dilemma if you should purchase it or not ? Diabetes has profound effects on one’s health. You need to learn to fight it, instead of being afraid of it. Mind it, both diabetes types can be controlled, if not eradicated. The conventional diabetes medicines are improving in their efficacy, but their side effects usually limit their usefulness. Herbal and natural ways of treatment are getting popular, mainly because of their enormous health benefits with limited side effects. One such product, which is becoming popular in India is Diaba Amrit.

Diaba Amrit Review

Diaba amrit is a unique combination of tens of anti-diabetic herbs, minerals and nutrients that are extremely potent in reducing blood sugar. Not only it reduces blood sugar, but prevents the further progression of diabetes as well. Additionally, use of diaba amrit prevents the development of secondary complications of diabetes, like eye damage, kidney damage and so on.

How does Diaba Amrit work ?

  1. Due to its anti-diabetes effects, keeps blood sugar within normal range around the clock.
  2. Helps improve the release of insulin from pancreas. Moreover, it stops the death of pancreatic cells, making it an effective therapy for type 1 diabetes.
  3. Heals the diabetic ulcers at a faster rate, mainly due to its sugar lowering effects.
  4. Improves the regeneration and rejuvenation of cell growth. A persistently high blood sugar damages the cells irreversibly. Diaba amrit stops this cycle.
  5. Fills you with stamina and prevents sexual and erectile dysfunction.
  6. Detoxifies the body and flushes out toxins.


diaba amrit review

Review of Diaba Amrit Ingredients

  1. Diaba Amrit is a mixture of 29 herbs, minerals and nutrients that are long known to lower blood sugar. Here are the most important ingredients in diaba amrit with their related health benefits.
  2. Triphala: Triphala is a potent herb that has the ability to stimulate the activity of pancreas. Pancreas is the organ that is responsible for the synthesis of insulin. Once pancreas is stimulated, it increases the release of insulin too. That’s something very helpful for people with type 1 diabetes in which the basic defect is decreased insulin synthesis.
  3. Karela: Karela is a vegetable commonly used in the Indian sub-continent. Karela has a unique potential to increase the sensitivity of body tissues to secreted insulin, something that is very helpful for people with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the secreted insulin, which is occasionally normal, can’t reach the body cells- something known as insulin resistance.
  4. Vijaysar: Vijaysar is another herbal plant that has long been used for the treatment of diabetes. It rejuvenates the insulin secreting cells of pancreas, as the result of which blood sugar remains within normal range.
  5. Neem: Neem is a magical plant, commonly used in the Indian sub-continent due to its exceptional medicinal properties. Not only it reduces blood sugar, but also prevents the development of long term complications of diabetes.
  6. Rujma: This is an ingredient of diaba armit that can prevent several long term complications of diabetes like kidney damage. Moreover, it also helps to lower blood cholesterol. That’s important because diabetics usually have a high blood cholesterol and are prone to develop heart attack.
  7. Other ingredients: Other ingredients of this herbal supplement include Bel, Sadabahar, Methi Bhej, Chiraita, Haldi, Dalchini and Shilajit.

Diaba Amrit Dosage
The preferred dosage of this herbal supplement is 2 capsules every day. The best time to have these capsules are one in the morning and one in the evening.

Side Effects of Diaba Amrit
Diaba armit is a 100% natural and herbal supplement. The likelihood of you getting a side effect from this supplement are very rare. However, if you’ve some other diseases, especially liver and kidney disease, you should consult with your doctor before starting with any supplement, including diaba amrit.

Final Words :

It is recommended and There are no side effects , but if you have some other diseases, especially liver and kidney disease, you should consult with your doctor before  using diaba armit.

Any one of you have used Diaba amrit please share your experience !! through your comments

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