diabetes impact on fertility and sex life


Diabetes has the potential of complicating many aspects of human health. Long standing or poorly controlled diabetes can affect sex life of both the males and females in a bad way. In fact, diabetes is one of the major causes of infertility in males and females. Although it’s embarrassing to talk about sexual problems; but you are not alone in this case. About 70% of the males and 35% of females complain of disturbed sexual life after prolonged and poorly controlled diabetes. Both types of diabetes (type 1 and type 2) can cause such problems. Diabetics are more prone to face sexual problems resulting from neuronal and vascular complications of diabetes.

I am surprised why most of the diabetics who face problems with sex life feel shy to discuss their sex life at least with a Doctor,, you should understand you are not the only one who is facing the problem, and if you don’t speak about it you may not overcome it.

Sexual act is controlled by the brain and it sends signals for erection and ejaculation through nerves. Secondly, adequate blood supply is essential for normal sex and any cause of restricted blood supply will cause problems. Both of these processes are affected by diabetes. It causes neuropathy (disease of nerves) and vasculopathy (disease of blood vessels) leading to erectile dysfunction and dryness of vagina. These sexual problems ultimately end up in subfertility in both males and females.

diabetes impact on sex and infertility

In males, erectile dysfunction is the most common sex related complication of diabetes. Consistently high glucose levels derail the normal metabolic processes and damage the nerves and vessels. The damaged nerves fail to convey sufficient excitatory signal to penile muscles. Similarly vessels supplying the penis are also compromised leading to inadequate filling of penile blood vessels. Patient fails to attain required strength of erection and hence his fertility gets compromised. Sometimes the patient presents to doctor with erection problem and is diagnosed as a case of diabetes after investigations. The other complications that contribute to male infertility are reduced sperm quality, retrograde ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. Diabetes can also decrease male libido by suppressing the levels of testosterone hormone and diabetics are shown to have a little interest in sex.

Doing khandasana can help overcome Erectile dysfunction in diabetic men

However, it is possible for a diabetic to get rid of sexual problems by controlling blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. Sugar levels can be controlled by modifying your lifestyles. You must follow dietary restrictions as diet is the main factor in diabetes control. Go for exercise and take insulin if required. These sexual problems usually recede after taking these measures of diabetes cure.

In females, diabetes induced nerve damage also causes more or less same problems as seen in males. Diabetes is commonly thought to affect only males regarding sexual problems. However, females are also affected by consistently abnormal sugar levels. Diabetic women have a decreased sexual drive and find it difficult to experience orgasm and stimulate sufficient vaginal lubrication. Nerve damage reduces the sexual sensations of female genetelia causing an inability to stay aroused. Hormonal changes are also present in diabetes and abnormal or decreased levels of sexual hormones cause sexual desire to vanish. Inadequate lubrication is the main problem in women. Dryness of vagina may cause a painful sex and their sexual urge is further decreased. Absence of vaginal secretions also increases the probability of genital tract infections. Yeast infections are commonly seen in diabetic women. All of these factors ultimately lead to decreased or no sexual activity at all rendering a woman infertile.

women should use water soluble lubricants before sex and spend more time on foreplay, consuming soy products can also help

Using the right approach to solve these problems can still restore the normal sexual act and a diabetic woman can successfully conceive a child. Use some kind of lubricant to avoid vaginal infections, inflammation and painful sexual acts.

Depression is a common manifestation of disturbed sexual activity in females. Get over your depression by seeking help from your partner and friends. Loss of depression will improve the libido and normal sexual cycle.

Keeping your blood sugar under control by changing your lifestyle is the only simple mantra to overcome sexual problems and also to get fertile.

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