Do diabetes medicines really help diabetics ?


Do you know that diabetes medicines have many side effects, I am asking these question to you because, most of the diabetics in India take medicines regularly but their diabetes does not improve in course of time.

Let me ask you, Are you taking medicines to manage your diabetes?

If you say yes, I will ask you.. Is the dosage same since past 5 years? ,, If the answer is yes,  then you will not need medicines and you can go off medicines with little extra effort.

I the answer is no,, your dosage is increased,, that means you are not changing your lifestyle,, So that means in long run pills will only worsen your disease... if you dont change your lifestyle.

in course of time More than 70% of the diabetics dosage is increased,, why should dosage increase though you are following most of the diet & lifestyle restrictions etc.

Why I want you to go off medicines is because there are many side effects of diabetes medicines.. 

Why are you taking diabetes medicines?

Your Doctor would have told control your diet and do some exercise, because Taking pills is never a long term solution for diabetes !!

Most of you might know that , underlying cause of diabetes is insulin resistance. ( if you don't know what is insulin resistance - read my article )

Best way to treat insulin resistance is through Enough physical activity,  nutritious diet and happy mind and body.

But as we cannot wake up by 5 am,

As we cannot go for walking ( winter hai na)

As we cannot do yoga ( kaisa karna pata nahi hai na )

As we cannot smile seeing at our partner ( zaroorat kya hain )

As we cannot stop thinking about our colleagues promotion ( his growth is your growth na)

As we cannot eat before 11 pm in the night. ( office mein baitekey amazon mein deals dekna hai, whatsapp karna hai ,,,, )

As we cannot live in present ( past ka sadness and future ka chintha )

SO WE DECIDE " I cannot change my lifestyle so I will take pills "

Taking pills for diabetes is  like 

Taking medicines to control  diabetes =

Asking your Sister to accompany your wife on your anniversary as you are away for Office work.

Taking medicines to control  diabetes =

Asking Your brother to cut your birthday cake.

Taking medicines to control  diabetes =

Asking your Friend to attend your father's ceremony as you are not able to attend.

Taking medicines to control  diabetes =

Cats asking Monkey to distribute the roti into two equal parts. see the video below.

Now you will ask me how is the above video relevant to our topic diabetes medicines? I will explain you. 

let us assume two cats in the video are pancreas and stomach 

stomach had received some food ( glucose ) and then it asks pancreas please release insulin accordingly to pancreas. as they know exactly what is good for the body , these both cats pancreas and stomach can understand each other and keep the body healthy. 

But instead of managing things internally they went to the monkey ( big pharma ), Monkey says I know exactly how much dose is required by the body and tries to show itself as an expert and in the long run rob the diabetic of his money, health and happiness just like the monkey did with cats. 

So whom will you go to for controlling your diabetes the monkey or to your innerself ?

Just like the monkey is not good for cats, diabetes medicines are not good for diabetics in the long run.not satisfied with my layman story lets get into some science below

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Because Pills are not along term solution especially for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis etc.

Different types of Diabetes medicines used.

1) insulin

2) biguanides

3) Sulphonylureas

How insulin works and what are its side effects?

Insulin is supposed to be produced by pancreas, Pancreas in your body can perfectly calculate the amount of glucose in your blood and release the exact amount of insulin required.

where as when we take insulin from outside most of the time we take more or less,,,,

  1. more insulin levels in your body will lead to weight gain,, and weight gain is worsening diabetes further.
  2. Dr. Sarfaraz Zaidi in his book  says High insulin levels also narrow the blood vessels.
  3. high insulin levels promote tumors and cancerous cells.

if you are a person who is taking insulin  you need to master the art of dosing accurate amount of insulin.

Some Doctors are putting Type-2 diabetics on insulin because they are not able to reduce blood sugar levels, But The research has proved putting diabetics whose pancreas is good and producing insulin is not good to either to control blood sugar levels or nor is unique in preserving β-cells

( read the research paper here )

I always recommend people to get off insulin as early as possible. 

2. Biguanides : Biguanides prevent the liver from producing glucose and helps to improve the body’s sensitivity towards insulin.

Only drug available in this class is Metformin.

Sounds good,, what do you think and even there are are many articles on the internet talking about benefits of taking Metformin.

Side effects of taking diabetes medications like metfromin are as follows.

  1. Developing vitamin -B12 deficiency .
  2. Causes trouble in the digestive system in some people.
  3. Long-term metformin use can cause liver or kidney problems in some individuals, because the medication alters liver function and is excreted by the kidneys.

3) Sulphonylureas: Sulphonylureas work by increasing the amount of insulin the pancreas produces and increasing the working effectiveness of insulin.

Few drugs under this category are as follows

  1. Glibenclamide –also known as Glyburide (Daonil)
  2. Glipizide (Glucotrol)
  3. Gliquidone (Glurenorm)
  4. Glyclopyramide (Deamelin-S)
  5. Glimepiride (Amaryl)
  6. Gliclazide (Diamicron)

So this drugs puts pressure on your pancreas to produce more insulin. So your pancreas will over work, and produce more insulin, again please understand that high insulin levels are as dangerous as high blood glucose levels in our body.

Long term use of these type of drugs will lead to

  1. Drain of COQ-10 which is responsible for providing energy.
  2. Cardiovascular risk is increased.
  3. Depletion of beta cells of pancreas.


diabetes medicines side effects

Assume you are climbing mountain, You see a stone is rolling down towards you ,, then what will you do WILL YOU TRY TO STOP THE STONE, OR JUST MOVE ASIDE AND GIVE THE WAY TO STONE .. smart people will move aside and give the way to stone.

Similarly please understand that Only way to reverse diabetes is by changing your lifestyle, If you want to manage / reverse diabetes only with pills ,, you will end up with complications in the long run.


My recommendation is to add BGR-34 which is a Ayurvedic medicine ( safe and effective ) so that you can go off Allopathic medicines and then go off ayurvedic medicines also. But again I dont recommend using this also for more than one year.

Read more about BGR-34

Home work for you today is read this article and start implementing.

- How to reverse insulin resistance naturally

Gowardhan Doddi

Founder- healthy diet for diabetics

Please tell me about your diabetes journey, since how many years are you taking diabetes medicines and did diabetes medicines help you and was the dosage same as earlier?