Diabetic diet plan based on Indian foods


Let us plan diabetic diet plan for sweet lovers,  getting puzzled about my sentence– sweet lovers?? Don’t be surprised if you are someone who has been recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and was wondering if you can never ever eat sweets ! It is not he case you will be happy to know there many fruits which you can eat happily even if you are diabetic. Similarly you can plan your diet as per your taste and liking.

You should understand sweet does not only mean desserts , As a diabetic you should know any food we consume contains certain amounts of carbohydrates which in turn convert into glucose and are absorbed by our cells to power us to perform our activities. You should know how to plan a balanced diet.

You don’t need to sacrifice eating sweets if you are diabetic

Indian foods are rich in carbohydrates and fats, we should be able to balance our diet to control our blood sugar levels

Diabetic diet plan for Indian Foods List

Breakfast : Oats with Milk ,honey & Cinnamon powder.

Oats – 75 gm

Milk -100 gm – 150 gms

Cinamon powder- 1- 2 gms.

honey – 1 tea-spoon.

It will taste sweet, keep you full for 4 hrs and is healthy.

Try to avoid using more milk as Milk contains more fat, fat in long run is dangerous than carbohydrates to diabetics.


diabetic diet plan for indian food list
Oats with Cinnamon and honey is a diabetic friendly breakfast option

 Lunch : Vegetable Thali (Indian food)

Wheat Roti : 3 nos

Rice : 50 gms  (prefer brown rice over white rice because brown rice is a rich source of magnesium which can make insulin work better on your body)

Green Salad : Cucumber , Carrot, Onion, tomatoes ( Salad can reduce consumption of carbohydrates)

Curry : Ladyfingers with tomatoes and onions made in semi liquid form, tastes great and ladies fingers have an important role in any diabetic diet plan.

Dal : Simple dal with no spices.

Fruit : Guava ( Diabetics can eat Guava without any doubt because it is rich in vitamin and anti oxidants)


Evening Snacks :

As a diabetic you should know how to choose healthy snacks in your diet, because Doctors advise to eat little quantities more often to avoid more sugars being released into blood stream at a time.

Evening Snacks : 16:30 hrs – 17:30 hrs

Brown Bread-  4 slices toasted ( A Diabetic should prefer peanut butter against butter extracted from Animal Milk)

Dinner : (Try to take your dinner before 8 pm or as early as possible)

Rotis: 2 nos

Dal : 50 gms

Green leafy vegetable : Palak

Fruit : Apple


Hope you enjoyed this diabetic diet plan. implement it and let us know how you feel.

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