Diet which can reverse Diabetes


Understanding Diet for Diabetics seems to be a tough and time-consuming task for most of us, But after reading the book ” Doctor Neal Barnard’s program for reversing diabetes” It felt very easier for me to identify what are the foods you should consume daily, weekly and monthly or occasionally.

Don’t be surprised ! Dr.Neal Barnard has come up with a scientifically proven diet which can reverse diabetes

Yes in this article i want to explain you exactly How Doctor Neal Barnard classified foods into three categories and mentioned how often should we eat so that we can almost reverse diabetes.

I know now you are stuck with this new phrase ” Reverse diabetes” how can it happen ?

Is it really possible to reverse diabetes ?  Yes says Dr. Neal Barnard, An American Doctor who has conducted research on reversing diabetics and scientifically proven it.


Now lets go into details of how he classifies the diet which can reverse diabetes

  1. Set aside Animal products.
  2. Keep vegetable oils to a minimum
  3. Favour foods with a low glycemic index


I know it is very difficult for us to get motivated to just follow these three magical lines of advice which can reverse diabetes, But I will explain you why and how I got motivated to do the same.


Set aside Animal Products : If you keep eating animal products you keep accumulating not just muscular fat, but also intra cellular fat that means your cells also will be loaded with fat which is one of the prime reason why your cells are not reacting to insulin , So if you start omitting animal products you can reduce 31% of intra cellular fat because it was found in a research that vegans have 31% less intracellular fat compared to non-vegetarians.


And if you are able to repair your cells by reducing the fat in them, they will get more sensitive to insulin




diet to reverse diabetes

Diet which can reverse Diabetes

I have decided to take Animal products sparingl, because I understand the following equation


Less Animal Fats = More Insulin sensitivity = Controlled Blood sugar levels


Keep vegetable Oils to minimum : From the above explanation it is understood that fat is not good for our cells, So it is obvious that we also keeps oils to minimum in our diet to reduce the amount of fat content. whenever you eat Oily foods or fried foods just try to picturize in your mind the amount of fat which is getting deposited in your cells. But still if you crave for fried foods try using a microwave or any method of cooking  which can cook with less oil.


Favour Foods with low glycemic index : If you are diabetic, you might be already knowing what glycemic index means, In short Glycemic index is a number that indicates how rapidly any given food releases sugar into the blood stream, So Food with high Glycemic index releases sugars into your blood more rapidly, So we should try to favour foods with low glycemic index.

Please let me know if you follow a diet plan which helps you reverse diabetes !!


If you are interested in diet recommended by Dr. Neal Barnard , You can read his Book ” Dr Neal Barnard’s Program for reversing Diabetes

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