I dont count calories but I have reversed my diabetes !


When one door is closed 3 more doors open, God always helps you Says Kumar ji ( name changed), After changing his eating habits his lab results were all normal within one month, of course he was just getting into diabetic zone so it is comparatively easy to reverse diabetes but just within a month is bit Surprising !! what do you Say ?

We already know Mr.kuldeep kumar reversing his diabetes naturally by eating good food and learning a lot about diabetes, Mr prem prakash reversing his diabetes with power of yoga.  Know we have Mr. Kumar to inspire more diabetics reverse their diabetes. Lets read his story in his own words.

reverse diabetes diet

When where you diagnosed as type-2 diabetic?

It was during mid of November 2016, when I visited a Local Doctor for some other reason, the doctor casually advised me to check for the Sugar levels.

The next day I went to lab and gave the samples.To my surprise the results were bad. In fact very bad the lipid profile and sugar levels were very disappointing. I was in a shock , because I never had any alcohol  or smoking habit, and I am GYM freak. I am a good believer of GOD, I cried a lot and prayed a Lot why God, why me,  I thought I was doing everything right for my health, eating as much as non veg and dairy and oils and doing heavy workouts of Gym.

I realized that what all I was doing since childhood was wrong. Nevertheless, my Heavenly father Jesus showed his mercy on me and encouraged me to a path, through a website,  I came across an article published by Gowardhan Sir about the reversal of diabetes, it gave me lot of hope ,

then I started researching more on this, then I found one organisation SHARAN , who are helping people curing chronic diseases. Then I approached them , Dr.Nandita Sha helped me with a diet plan which was called a Plant based diet. I trusted her, I thought may be this how my GOD wants to cure me, I strictly  followed her instruction and followed the plant based diet. In a week time my sugar levels came back to normal, and I had to stop all my medications.My GOD has cured me all the GLORY to GOD.and Many thanks to Nandita mam and Gowardhan Sir.

What was your reaction when you got diagnosed as type-2 diabetic?

I was in a shock, because  the society in which I am living in, considers diabetes as a dangerous life threatening disease, even the doctors were giving similar type of opinions and expressions,no body was consoling me. I was expecting some assurance from the doctors that he will say that nothing to worry, things will be alright, but no everything was working against my thoughts.

What lifestyle changes did you make to overcome / manage this condition?

I have switched over to Whole Plant base diet suggested by Dr.Nandita Sha, founder of SHARAN, and stopped eating all non veg, dairy and oils.trust me within a week time on starting this diet, I had to stop taking all those 6 tablets prescribed by a doctor, who told me that these medicines I have to take for life. after a month all my lab test results came normal. And now I am happy to announce that I am ex-diabetic.

What are your fasting blood glucose levels now?

< 100 mg/dl

What is your recent HBA1C %?

< 5.7%

  • check
    Vegetables & Fruits.
  • check
    Legumes & millets
  • check
    Dosa, roti, upma.
  • check
    Brown rice & whole wheat.
  • close
    Non Veg
  • close
  • close

How important do you think is diet for managing diabetes?

I would say you can cure  this condition by simply switching over to a plant based diet. Yes Plant based diet means banning all the non vegetarian food, all the vegetable oils and all the dairy products from your diet and eating whole foods such as brown rice, whole wheat, whole legumes all vegetables and fruits.

What do you prefer to have in Breakfast?

Well,  I enjoy my break fast with Banana and Palak smoothies, and also lot of fruits, then my favorite  Millets( made of Ragi, Jowar Oats etc) porridge. then Dosa, Roti , Upma etc made with whole legumes.Trust me folks I have them stomach full with no calorie restrictions.​​​​

What do you have in lunch?

Well I have my lunch in the Morning session Just after breakfast, now you may ask how could you have space for lunch after the heavy breakfast? But in fact  after breakfast I go to gym, or sometimes after having fruits and smoothies  I go to gym, and at the GYM I work really very hard, mostly weight training combined with some cardio.

then after coming home I will be very hungry so I have my lunch and breakfast at a time.With a lot of raw vegetable salad (carrots,onion,cucumber) Now you may wonder, what could be the post pardinal values after 2 hours ? believe me folks it comes around 110-120. Isnt it wonderful? trust your body it can do wonders if you feed it with a correct food.

Do you snack often?

No I finish off eating in the morning at the maximum by 10am, and from then onward I wont have anything till evening 5pm except plenty of water.

What do you have for dinner?

Well my dinner time is between 5 to 5.30pm in the evening, again with salad,dal, brown rice and a mixed vegetable curry.

Are you doing any ​workout and how important is workout in managing your condition?

Yes I go to GYM, mostly strength training, coupled with some cardio sessions.

How does monitoring your blood glucose levels help you?

It helps me to check how my body is reacting time to time.

Which blood glucose meter do you use and why did you choose to use that?

One touch select. No specific reason for choosing this, but I have checked its accuracy once with the Lab results, there was not much variation.

Anything else you would like to share ?

I would recommend to all of you friends, dont get panic if you are Type-II diabetic, trust me with the plant based diet you can really come out of this condition and cure yourself. Just say no to non veg, dairy(milk, panneer, ghee etc),Oils( all forms). And eat as much as plant based food trust me you will enjoy the food at the same time will get back your lost health without medicines.


Different people have a different approach to reverse diabetes, But the bottom line is - it is very much possible to reverse diabetes. As we have seen earlier some success stories, All stories have few things in common, i.e good food, physical activity, discipline and a strong belief that they can reverse diabetes.