Dr SRK says Diabetics should Eat Fruits also


Dr. Sunkavalli Ramakrisha says that most of the diabetics have a misconception that they should not eat fruits, But by eating fruits we provide essential nutrition to our body which in turn boosts our body metabolism.  Lets dig deeper into gold mine of knowledge the Doctor shares in our interview.

What is your Profession ?

General Physician & Rheumatologist

About you in few lines?

Dr srk

Dr.Ramakrishna Sunkavilli MBBS, MD from the prestigious Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research is a General Physician & Rheumatologist in Hyderabad. He has an experience of 12 years & is one of the renowned physicians in hyd. He is an expert in General Medicine, Diabetology & Rheumatology.

works with / for

  1. Amrutha Multispeciality Clinics KPHB Hyd
  2. Archana Hospital Madinaguda Hyd
  3. KIMS Kondapur Hyd

How serious is diabetes in India ?

India is the diabetic capital of the world. With India heading for a population explosion, diabetic explosion also is waiting to happen. Already in 2000 yr diabetic population of India was 31.7million ranking 1 in the world . By 2015 we are expected to have 70 million diabetics in India . The incidence is growing due to the ever changing lifestyle.

How often should a diabetic monitor his blood sugar levels?

A diabetic should have a weekly monitor of his blood sugars. The dosage of insulin and other medications should be changed accordingly. Frequent weekly monitoring helps in maintaining a strong check on the blood sugar levels 🙂 which in turn helps in delaying the complications of diabetes like retinopathy, neuropathy, diabetic foot etc. After 35 years everyone should get screened for diabetes once every 6 months.

Can proper diet changes have an impact on blood sugar levels?

Proper diet coupled with workout will have a very good impact on blood sugar levels. With proper controlled diet, half the complications of diabetes can be controlled. it’s a myth that diabetics should not eat fruits . but daily intake of 100 – 150gm fruits has many benefits. Our body gets required nutrients and strength to fight other diseases. Fruits with high glycemic index like banana, grapes should be taken in moderation & low glycemic index like papaya taken daily.

its a myth that diabetics should not eat fruits . but daily intake of 100-150gm fruits has many benefits.

How can stress increase blood sugar levels?

Stress has an adverse effect on Diabetes. Stress will lead to increase of blood sugar levels. The stress hormones like epinephrine and cortisol raise blood sugar to boost energy thus leading to an increased blood sugar levels.

Do you recommend Low carb high fat diet for diabetes ?

I would recommend a Low Carb High Fiber diet for diabetes. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate which is insoluble hence wont raise blood sugar levels. fiber rich foods like whole grains , fruits,veggies, legumes are advised. Basically a balanced diet with more of fruits ,vegetables, eggs, whole grains, yoghurt, fish etc and less of oils, sugars, white carbohydrates, junk etc are recommended.
How should diabetics with foot ulcers take care ?

Diabetic foot patients should take medicines like blood thinners, which decrease the viscosity of blood. They should have offloading meaning they should not put too much pressure on the leg . Walking should be stopped till it heals & skin muscles grow.

Is it possible to prevent diabetes , if one is in prediabetic stage?

Lifestyle changes can delay the onset of diabetes. Eating healthy food,proper physical active can help you bring your blood glucose level back into the normal range,  Frequent monitoring of blood sugar levels should be there after 35years .

How important is exercise for diabetics to regulate blood sugar levels ?

A proper workout for 4-5 times a day will help in keeping cholesterol under check thus preventing diabetes+heart problem combo. also insulin levels also can be regulated with workout. complications of diabetes will be prevented.

What care should people with diabetes who also have high blood pressure should take?

Many complications like diabetic eye disease, blood vessel damage, stroke, heart failure, heart attack, or kidney failure Coronary artery disease (heart disease) Strokes Peripheral vascular disease (hardening of the arteries in the legs and feet) So medicines to keep blood pressure under control coupled with proper diet, workout and frequent monitoring of BP & Blood sugar levels should be done.

Is salt equally bad as sugar for diabetics?

Sugar and salt have the same effect on Cardio-vascular system . high amounts of salt in diet will only lead to increased chance of cardio-vascular problems. So salt also should be restricted to a moderate quantity.