Energy boosting Foods for diabetics which do not spike up blood sugar levels


Feeling Hungry and Eating More? Still feel like your body is not able to generate enough energy! , This is what most of the Diabetics experience, Infact Diabetics feel short of Energy most of the time, But dont think it is common for diabetics to live a Lethargic and Energy hungry life, craving for energy all the time ! ! It is not the case.  If you can manage your blood sugar levels effectively by healthy diet, Exercise and small changes in lifestyle. You can live a live a Energetic life.

But if you feel low on energy all the time that means you are not able to manage your blood sugar levels effectively. So you need to control your blood sugar levels by making simple life style changes. Here are few Simple things you can do to Regain Energy .

So, How Can Diabetics Regain Energy?

1. Losing Weight : Losing weight is the first thing to do for people who are obese and diabetic, And people with a bigger waist line should trying loosing their stomach by proper excercise and choosing healthy diabetic diet.

2. Eating Small Meals: Eating 6 Small meals instead of 3 Big Meals. This is recommended by Doctors for Diabetics. This will ensure you remain energetic all time without spiking up your blood sugar levels. Also remember not to skip  meals. If you are outside or travelling keep some Diabetic friendly biscuits in your backpack.

3. Have Enough Sleep: Diabetics need to have enough sleep, Beacuse lack of sleep will provoke you to eat more and if you eat more, it results in increase of blood sugar levels which inturn leads to fatigue.

4. Keep yourselves stress Free: As it is understood that Stress is one of the major factors which can impact diabetics, you need to take things in life easy , Just Follow ” Stop Worrying and start Living ” As emphasised by Dale Carnigie in hiS one of the best selling books.

 5. One most important thing you need to understand is, If you are able to control your blood sugar levels effectively, You will not have a Energy Crunch.  I know you still will like to know Foods which can boost your energy without boosting blood sugar levels.

Most of the Energy boosting foods contain high amounts of carbohydrates  or Sugars which will give you energy for sure but will spike up your blood sugar levels. Today I am listing Diabetic Friendly Energy boosting Foods which do not spike up blood sugar levels.

Energy Boosting Foods For Diabetics

1. Dark Chocolates: Does that sound so sweet to you, Being a Diabetic and the privilege of Eating Chocolates !! Researchers at Tufts university discovered that Dark chocolates improve Insulin Sensitivity and also reduce LDL ( Bad Cholestrol). So you can use this as a Energy Boosting Food, But be cautious don’t over eat to avoid spiking of blood sugar levels.

2. Milk and Yogurt: Milk and Yogurt are also considered as Diabetic Friendly Energy Boosting Foods, as they can generate more calories of energy with lower amount of carbohydrates .

3. Almonds: Almonds are the most diabetic friendly creatures in the family of Nuts. You will be surprised to know 15 Almonds contain less than 5 grams of Carbohydrates. So You may try eating Almonds to boost your energy.  Prefer Soaked Almonds instead of Dry Almonds. Beacuse you will be surprised to read here Why Soaked Almonds are better than Dry Almonds?

4.Boiled Egg: Egg means Energy? Most of us get energetic just by seeing at Eggs, Eggs are good Energy Boosting Food for Diabetics because an Egg contains around 13 grams of proteins and only one gram of Carbohydrates. But we eat eggs judiciously due to its fat content which is around 11 grams.

5. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a very good morning breakfast option, Oat meal makes you feel full for long time. So you may try making oatmeal a breakfast choice at-least for two days a week.

6. Yoghurt: Yoghurt is one of the healthy diet option as it contains pro-biotic bacteria which can lower cholesterol, As per the research conducted by American Diabetes Association it is found the people who take yoghurt everyday are 12% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

7. Water: Don’t be surprised !! How water can be a Energy booster? Diabetics urinate more leading to dehydration whihc causes fatigue, So if you drink enough water you can maintain the energy levels.

8. Sweet potatoes: Sweet Potatoes are great energy boosters, diabetics can consume them without hesitation due to its low glyacemic index value and rich in vitamin A and fiber content.

9. Milk: Yes Milk is also a Diabetic friendly diet which is also a good energy booster, As milk contains right proportions of carbohydrates and proteins, Milk can control diabetics well, but be sure not take much sugar with milk.

10. Chicken snacks: If you feel hungry you may try chicken snacks which are grilled. Chicken is very good energy boosting food for diabetics. Fish and chicken are treated diabetic friendly foods. But chicken should be consumed in moderation.


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