Get Started with your Diabetes Reversal Journey

Different ways to get started with reversing your Diabetes

7 day indian diet chart for diabetics

Get a free 7 Day Diet chart, this diet chart can help you to correct your diet and start your diabetes reversal journey. more than 2000 people have used this to control their diabetes- its free.

You can checkout our blog section, Blog section has lot of informative articles, which will make you a Soldier to fight against diabetes.

diabetes whatsapp group

Join our whatsapp group, We already have two whatsapp groups, In whatsapp group we have people like you who are trying to reverse diabetes and also people who have reversed diabetes, you will get valuable advice and answers to your questions. People who purchase my eBook " 40 Steps to Reverse Diabetes will only get access to our Whatsapp group.

indian diabetes radio

Listen to my podcast, Indian Diabetes Radio. In this podcast I have explained the steps to reverse diabetes in an easy way. You can listen to this episodes like a radio, there are more than 25 episodes now and I will add episodes regularly.  you can get access to this here (Paid option)

Read my eBook " 40 Steps to Reverse Diabetes" This books has helped more than 1000 people till now to control and reverse their diabetes, it's written after a lot of research, it shows you the way to reverse your diabetes naturally.

You will get 1 hour of video consultation with me to talk about your diabetes.
1. I can listen to you and correct you where you are going wrong.
2. Give you some steps and tips based on your present condition.
3. Give you the right direction to reverse your diabetes.

personal diet plan for diabetics

We are offering the Diet plans to make things easier for you, Because it takes a lot of time and effort to understand what is healthy for you and what can keep your blood sugars under control.

If you are really serious and motivated you can even reverse your Diabetes using our Diet & Lifestyle plan.

8 Weeks Diabetes challenge is one of its kind, I am running this challenge since 2018, we have completed 12 batches till now, More than 500 people participated in the challenge till now. 

Through this challenge you can change your habits and lifestyle effortlessly which is a common-sense secret most of the people do not understand, with peer support and video content this challenge will help you to create a lifestyle which can make you reverse diabetes


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