Wonderful Diet for High Blood Sugar Levels


In a  single line, favoring Low glycemic index foods is the best High blood sugar diet a person with Diabetes can follow. If you are experiencing high blood sugar levels all the time, then there might be definitely something wrong with your diet.But remember Diet alone is not responsible for High Blood sugar levels. Eliminate Animal products, Minimize intake of vegetable oils and Favor Low glycemic index foods. Come let us dig deeper into What all can you eat happily without raising your blood sugar levels.

If your Blood suagr levels are consistently high , You should  Monitor blood sugar levels more frequently to understand the following

  1. Which foods are leading to high blood sugar.
  2. On which time of the day your blood sugar levels are high
  3. Is stress leading to high blood sugar levels ? 😳
  4. If you need to see a doctor to revise your dosage of medication you take.

Low Glycemic index diet combined with moderate exercise can do wonders , you can read the story of a 46 year old diagnosed as diabetic 5 years ago is managing his blood sugar levels wihout medication

high blood sugar diet

High Blood Sugar Diet alone may not help 🙄

Eat foods you like in smaller portions

The Biggest culprit of raising blood sugar levels are desserts, ice creams, chocolates etc i.e All foods which constitute alot of table sugar in them, But we are tempted to have our favourite foods, It is very important to resist and avoid taking foods which have a lot of sugar , If you crave to eat a chocolate choose a small one or a bite not a big choclate. It is also proven that if you take a dessert after meal it does not raise your blood sugar levels rapidly.  Alternatively if taken as a snack, sweets and icereams raise blood sugar levels rapidly.

Some Carbohydrates raise your blood sugar levels fast

Do you agree with what I say ? If you said yes , I can understand you know about Glycemic index . If you don’t know about glycemic index You should know because glycemic index is a nothing but a number  which measures how a carbohydrate containing food raises your blood suagr levels. A food with high GI raises blood glucose faster.

For example GI of long grained rice is around 76 and that of Medium grained rice is 89  and Glycemic index of  brown rice is 55 as per the website www.glycemicindex.com

So take carbohydrates with Low Glycemic index in larger portions and carbohydrates with High glycemic index in smaller portions.

Eat Low GI Foods more

GI ( 10-30) GI (31-60) GI (61-90)
Broccoli -10 sweet corn -47 white rice -87
Cauliflower -15 basmati rice-58  white bread – 72
Cabbage -10 wild rice-57 Pineapple- 66
Tomatoes -15 chineese rice (vermicelli)-58 raisins-64
Onions -10 sponge cake -46 water melon – 80
Green beans -15 Green Peas -39 coca cola -78
Lettuce -10 honey -58 cornflakes -80
Mushroom -10 coconut -45  Boiled Potatoes – 63
Eggplants – 10 coconut milk -41  baked potatoes – 85
Raw Carrots -16 Boiled Carrots -41
Barley -22 pinto beans -45
Red Lentils -21 blackeyed beans- 50
cherries -22 yellow split peas / chana -32
plums-24 Apples-34
Garbanzo Beans/ chana dal – 11 Oranges-40
peaches-28 soy milk -44
Green Lentils -30  Milk chocolate -42
peanuts -13  papaya-60
walnuts -15  strawberries-40
cashew nuts -25  Mango -60
Hummus (mashed chick peas) -6  Bananas -58
 Rajma – 19  milk -31
wheat bread -49
jam -51
Okra/ Lady Finger – 30
Urad Dal -43

Reference- http://www.the-gi-diet.org/lowgifoods/

From the above table, we can understand few things like

For a Diabetic

  1. Raw carrots are far better than Boiled carrots
  2. peanuts are better than cashew nuts
  3. honey is better than water melon
  4. sponge cake is better than banana , but also count the fat.
  5. basmati rice is better than normal rice
  6. Dates are the most dangerous food.
  7. Panipuri is better than french fries.

 💡 Don’t avoid Carbohydrates

Do not avoid Carbohydrates, Because carbohydrates are prime sources of energy to our body , if we reduce carbohydrates we tend to take more animal protein or oil foods for energy boost but you will be surprised to know how avoiding carbohydrates is a bad idea by reading the formulae of Dr. Neal Barnard ( An American Doctor who has designed scientifically proven diet to reverse diabetes ) below.

Are you developing a habit of taking chicken instead of potatoe? 😯 You may be wrong says Dr. Neal Barnard , As per him Consuming more Animal fat will not raise blood sugar levels but this habit will make your body cells less sensitive to insulin, which means your diabetes getting more worse in course of time. So favor Low GI Carbohydrates , you may choose from the above table.

No one wants this to happen, We should focus on reducing medications and lead a happy life 😆

Foods Rich in Fibre can control high blood sugar levels effectively

When I consume Oats, My stomach is happy, my Teeth are happy and My heart is happy and my pancreas is also happy. Why because Oats are high fibre food which can keep you full for longer time without raising blood glucose levels. Interesting thing about Foods rich in fibre is they all have bigger particle sizes , so it takes time for them to break down into glucose and get absrobed into your blood. So High Fibre Food is without doubt Gets into food list of High Blood Sugar Diet.

Butter Milk is a wonder drink : I have seen my Father who remained prediabetic for more than 18 years, He drinks more than a litre of butter milk every day, And after a small research I came to know some amazing benefits of drinking butter milk. Bacteria present in Butter Milk can manufacture vitamins and nutrients in our body 😉 , Butter milk also boosts immunity and improve digestion. Vitamins can help to boost metabolism which is very good for diabetics.

A cup of buttermilk contains only 2.2 g of fat and 99 calories. Buttermilk is rich in potassium, vitamin B-12, calcium, phosphorous and probiotics which is essential for the body. It is also rich in Vitamins E and K and Vitamin A along with selenium.

Read More about greatness of Buttermilk  at www.fitho.in/guide/dairy-products/buttermilk/

Keep yourself happy and disciplined, this can work wonders all the best, Tell us what are your blood sugar levels now and we will be glad to hear from you after you apply the above rules .

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