High Protein Foods List for Diabetics


I want to list all the high protien foods for diabetics available on this earth, But before that I want to make a point that Some foods which are high in protein can make diabetes worse in the long run, It may sound surprising to you but the fact is that some foods rich in Proteins also contain a lot of fat which can affect insulin sensitivity.

You were looking for Foods rich in Proteins because you may be thinking “ Diabetics should avoid Carbohydrates” But in reality this is not true. you can read at the end of the article  !!


Doctor Neal Barnard recommends to favour plant proteins and avoid Animal protein because animal protein can harm kidneys And as we all know that All Animal Food like Meat, chicken, fish and eggs all are high in protein but are also high in Saturated fat which is highly dangerous to your heart and Also Fat which is getting deposited in your cells in the long run makes your cells less sensitive to insulin which means more and more medication.

Favour the following list of Plant based high protein foods for diabetics.

  • Soy beans: Soy beans tops the list of high protein foods for diabetics because they contain 43.2 grams of protein for every 100 grams, include soya beans in Biriyani instead of chicken and you can also use soyabeans with curries , If you want to experiment more with soya bean you can have a look at Protien rich soya bean recipes by Tarla Dalal
  • Lentils: Lentils are high in protein (25%) , Lentils are called as masoor dal in India.
  • Kidney beans: They are also called French Beans and  Famous in India as Rajma are also high in protein (22.9%) and fibre too. ” Rajma ki sabji” is very famous in North India.
  • chick peas : Chick peas also called as egyptian pea and Bengal gram in India is widely used in india , There is a famous snack in India Chole Bhatura , chole is the chick peas.
  • peas : We also call this as green peas, and often referred to as matar ki daal  in Indian markets has protein content of 19 %

high protein foods for diabetics

  • baked beans: most of the baked beans are made from haricot beans which are served with sugar sauce or tomato sauce
  • Navy beans: Navy beans or pinto beams are famous in India as white rajma or white beans are also high in protein.
  • green gram : Green grams are famous as sprouts, Most of us like to take them in breakfast with honey, Green grams are also high protein foods good for diabetes. In south india Dosas are even made of whole green gram, these dosas are called pesarattu, it is tasty and keeps you full for 5 hrs.
  • Nuts : Nuts are good sources of protein but keep in mind they have oils which lead to fat, so be cautious about the quantity of nuts you take.
  • Dairy Products: Dairy products like Milk, Yogurt and Cheese are high protein foods, but the problem is they are also high on fat, which makes me step back from these foods.


Make it a habit to ensure you have some of this foods in your diet. You can take non-animal foods rich in protein but keep in mind that this is not the solution for keeping yourself full for a longer time, Most of the Doctors recommend Taking Fibre rich foods like Oats, Brown rice, Brown bread & whole grain pasta  etc to keep yourself full for a longer time without raising your blood sugar levels.

I just want to say one thing  Animal Proteins are dangerous than Carbohydrates to Diabetics,, Because Diabetes is more In Americans who take a lot of  animal protein than Japanese who take more carbohydrates and less protein.

Anyways you can have all the proteins listed above happily, My advice is to avoid Animal protein.