How Diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction?


Diabetes leads to the development of many other hosts of problems inside a human’s body. The type1 and type2 both have been found to be cureless to date. Even though there are few preventions to stabilize type 1 diabetes, for type2 the root cause and treatment are not yet discovered. Allopathy science can help regulate the blood sugar level, but natural ingredients from our daily balanced diet can help maintain sugar levels.

Diabetes is the leading cause of many dysfunctions in both men and women. Few can be cured, and few cause permanent damage. One of the major dysfunctions caused in men who have diabetes is erectile dysfunction. We will be talking about how diabetes causes erectile dysfunction. Which factors lead to this imbalance in men’s bodies? What are the majors to be taken? And what can be done?

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

Type 2 diabetes that is diabetes mellitus, is a chronic disease. The condition causes high sugar levels in the blood, causing many dysfunctionalities. Diabetes has become a threat to men’s sexual functionality. Erectile dysfunctionality is one of the conditions caused by type 2 diabetes. There are more than 50 percent chances of getting ED to those having type2 diabetes than people without diabetes. The situation will be discussed in detail below.

Low Testosterone Levels :

Diabetes having men suffer from low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone found in humans. It is responsible for sexual development in men. The heavy dosage of pills and drugs of diabetes can cause low-level testosterone problems. It is seen that 25 percent of men with diabetes have low testosterone levels. As this hormone is the main factor for healthy sexual life in men, the low levels can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Depression and Stress:

The never-stabilizing diabetes condition is stressing over life to handle the deadly disease. The cause of erectile dysfunction in men due to difficulty in managing the disease is rapidly increasing. It is imperative to have sufficient and stress-free sleep. Morning erections are seen less in those men who do not have an adequate amount of sleep. This leads to irregularities in sexual functioning in men.

Damaged Blood Vessels:

The damaged blood container condition in diabetes-carrying patients is called microvascular diseases. Diabetes means there is more sugar that is glucose in the bloodstream, and this can cause damage to the blood vessels. The damage caused by the blood vessels near the penis in men makes it harder to maintain the erection for a period of time which is caused due to low blood pressure.

Venous Leaks:

In men, to maintain the erection of the penis, it is necessary to have healthy blood flow through veins there. The venous leak is a condition causing failure to retain the sufficient blood supply for keeping the erection. The blood flow is necessary for sexual functioning, which leads to an erection. The low blood circulation level causes less erection or no erection in men suffering from diabetes type2 disease.


To sustain the erection in men while intercourse, the blood flow has to be constant. The arteries play an essential role in supplying sufficient blood flow. In Atherosclerosis, the arteries tend to thicken or, say, get hard, which leads to difficulty in blood supply towards the penis. This causes sexual tension during intercourse. The erection in men having diabetes depends on how severe the condition is.


High blood sugar levels disrupt nervesThe disruption in nerves is caused by high blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes is the common cause in men for neuropathy. The condition in which the nerves stop the penis from reacting in a normal, erecting. There is an interruption in blood flow from nerves to the penis, which leads to abnormal erecting in the penis. The nerves prevent the smooth flow of blood and stop the penis from responsive typically.


Diabetes is the leading cause of death in the world. This disease causes many other dysfunctions. The precautions and preventions are better than cure. The best one can do to get proper medication. Consulting your diabetologists refer to those physicians who treat only diabetic patients. Neglecting the erection dysfunction, men suffer a lot of stress in sexual life. The pleasure and satisfaction start to degrade with time.

The threat of diabetes on the sexual development of men is now not hidden. Immediate consulting with the doctor can prevent the dysfunctioning of sperm stimulation. The world needs to know the importance of taking care of an individual’s health. Sexual impotence can be the next stage of erectile dysfunction, which leads to infertility in men. This is high-risk damage caused by varying sugar levels, high sugar levels, fewer sugar levels in men.


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