How did Pramit Bhargava Reverse Diabetes Type2 Naturally


Mr. Pramit Bhargava (48) who leads a typical Corporate lifestyle used to prioritize on everything except his health, Working till late night, Eating in odd hours and taking his office stress all the way to home , But he used to think that he is living his life to full potential till one fine day in 2009, when he came to know that he is diagnosed with diabetes type 2, It felt devastating and lost like hell, But Mr. Pramit did not lose his confidence and told himself  ” I am going to Reverse my diabetes ” In today’s interview with Healthy Diet for Diabetics He shares his secret formula which made him reverse his diabetes.

Pramit Bhargava Shares his Formula
How to reverse diabetes type 2 naturally

When were you diagnosed with Diabetes type2?

In January 2009.


What was your first reaction, when you came to know you are diabetic?

DEVASTATED 😥 It was like a heavy crash – the high life that I was leading with the (misplaced) confidence that nothing can happen to me. The doctor while, talking about all the right things of Diabetes Control kept pointing to my Big Belly and how taking medicine would help combat both diabetes and weight.


What type of Foods do you prefer to take?

Overnight I changed my Lifestyle including dietary habits.I have gone in for a low glycemic diet ensuring healthy mix of Complex Carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and vitamins.
I have retained almost 70% of what I used to love and hence do not have a feeling of ‘missing out’ on anything.

My suggestion to you is don’t ask anyone what foods you want to take, just google like 😯

” is chana good for diabetes” or ” is apple good for diabetes”  or Can Diabetics eat Dosa? So you will get your answers and surprisingly you don’t need to sacrifice many of the foods you take generally in my case I could retain 70% of the foods I take.


Any Supplements or foods you take without fail?

I ensure to have Apples, Fenugreek also called methi in India, Cinnamon ( which has insulin-like action)  and bitter gourd regularly. i also consume Psyllium Husk which is water soluble fiber. Adding [easyazon_link identifier=”B00JI4WCGO” locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″]psyllium Husk[/easyazon_link] to your diet improves glycemic and lipid control in men with Diabetes type 2 as per a research abstract published by American Journal of clinical nutrition

you may read the abstract about impact of psyllium husk on diabetes here –

how to reverse diabetes type 2 naturally



No one magic pill to reverse diabetes holistic approach works  😎

What foods do you avoid taking?

  1. Maida.
  2. Fried Foods including fried Namkeens.
  3. Sweets and High Fat Products.
  4. Foods with High Glycemic Index.


How often do you eat?

I try to split my meals into smaller ones, I use a formula to eat based on a hunger scale.

extremely hungry -1 2 3 4- start eating 5 6 7 – stop eating 8 9 Extremely Full-10

I don’t want to wait till I am extremely hungry, because when I am very hungry I will crave for eating high calorie junk food. I also don’t Eat till I am extremely full, From the above scale you can understand I start at 4 and stop at 7.

What do you think makes blood sugar levels worse?

  1. Inability to Control Cravings/OverEating/Long gaps between Meals.
  2. Feeling “DEPRIVED” all the time.
  3. STRESS.
  4. Lack Of Exercise.
  5. Irregular Lifestyle/Sleeping Pattern.


What are the lifestyle changes you have adopted?

I changed everything 😆 :

  1. What to Eat/How to Eat
  2. Multiple Small Meals
  3. Exercise(TreadMill)
  4. Meditation and a more Spiritual Outlook on Life.
  5. Better Work-Life Balance / Regular Sleeping hours.


How did you realize that you can reverse Diabetes?

Realize that the Real Battle is in the MIND, Reading about Diabetes gave two critical insights

1. Diabetes is JUST a Metabolic Disorder and not a disease.

2. 97% Of Diabetes Control Management is in the hands of the Patient(ME).


What are your suggestions for people diagnosed with diabetes type 2 or prediabetes?



Do Watch My YouTube Video. I have shared my learnings in Greater Detail.I have included tips on How to WIN the Battle of the Mind,Control Cravings,How to work out a personalized Diet plan that is sustainable and a trick on Regularizing Eating Patterns.

Are you a motivated to reverse your diabetes?  😯 , Please share your thoughts on the subject. if you are someone like Mr. Pramit who has reversed his diabetes, please let us know !! we are curious to know and introduce to Our community of HDFD pEOPLE.

HDFD thanks Pramit Bhargava for his valuable time and Amazing Diabetes reversing formula . 😛 

  • Your endeavours to teach the diabetics in a morale boosting manner by sharing the experiences of persons who conquered this metabolic disease with authentic proofs is really very appreciable. HATS OFF TO YOU.MAY ALMIGHTY BLESS ALL THE HARD WORKING ALTRUISTIC MEMBERS OF YOUR TEAM WITH GOOD HEALTH.KEEP IT UP.

    • Thank you Rakesh Sharmaji, Its my pleasure I beleive no disease is big enough to shake our willpower

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