How did Mr.Kuldeep Kumar reverse his diabetes naturally?


Most of us take things easily when it comes to health, Mr. Kuldeep Kumar also did not take diabetes seriously, After being Diabetic for 10 years he started experiencing complications like continuous back pain, joints pain, and Eye sight started worsening, So he thought why should I allow all these complication happen to me and Decided to reverse Diabetes naturally,

But how did he do it ? Mr. Kuldeep Kumar was motivated by His Doctor Surinder Suman to reverse his Diabetes, Motivation and education are very important in reversing diabetes naturally.

I will not make you wait more, Let us listen about Success story of Mr. Kuldeep Kumar in his own words


Don't wait till complications come into your life, I took Diabetes lightly when I was diagnosed. 

But Later on I realized pills cannot control Diabetes, So I switched on to a healthy lifestyle.​

If you are serious about reversing Diabetes ​healthy lifestyle and diet control is highly important.

Name: Kuldeep Kumar

Age: 64

Type-2 Diabetic

Diagnosed Diabetic in: 2006

Lives in: Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

When did you came to know about your condition : 2006

What was your reaction when you got diagnosed with this condition?

I took it lightly like other physical disease. I was not serious about this.

How did your Doctor confirm if you are prediabetic, Diabetic type1 or type 2 ?

Through lab.testing my blood glucose levels fasting & pp. This process took 15days.

What lifestyle changes did you make to overcome / manage this condition ?

I remained on medication till November 2011. I was not monitoring my blood glucose levels at all (big mistake). I was suffering from continuous back pain, joints pain,my glass nos.were increasing.

Then my friend who is also a physician asked me to get  blood sugar levels checked, When I checked them, the results are alarming my blood sugar levels were fasting 297mg/dl &pp 413mg/dl .Every thing abnormal. This frightened me My doses were increased with so many precautions.

reverse diabetes diet

One day i was watching tv programme i came to know about Dr. Gaurav Sharma Diabetologist. I started his ayurvedic supplements along with allopathic medicine.I took ayurvedic medicine for one year.when i started taking ayurvedic supplements it was oct.2012. My sugar levels became normal and allopathic doses were halved.

At the start of 2014 i thought i am cured.i stopped taking Ayurvedic supplements but continued taking allopathic. Here I was absolutely wrong. It was again in april 2015 when got tested for blood sugar levels,  fastng levels were 158mg/dl .abnormal lipid profile etc.and other diabetes related problems. started  and I resumed taking medicines prescribed by my physician.

Then i went through many articles written by scholars of this field. I started practicals on my self about diet etc.and started monitoring blood glucose levels with glucometer. In may 2016 I got my hbA1c test and it was 6.7 percent and the latest HBA1C tested in November 2016 is 4.9%.

Then I have again contacted Dr. Gaurav's team and asked for ayurvedic supplements. I controlled my diet. changed my life style. I got the required sugar and sugary products, no rice, no refined oil, no packed juice,no soft drinks, no milk and milk products except curd and paneer, no wheat flour. i get up at 5'o clock drink at least two glasses of warm water do some warm up exercises then go out for morning walk ( one hr.) after that my day starts. One hr.walk in the evening.

What are your fasting blood glucose levels now?

< 100 mg/dl

What is your recent HBA1C %

latest HBA1C tested in November 2016 is 4.9%.

How important do you think is diet for managing diabetes?

Diet plays a major role in managing diabetes. As said that blood glucose levels depends on What do you eat, when do you eat and how much do you eat.

What do you prefer to have in Breakfast

Herbal/spice tea with boiled egg / almonds and walnuts soaked overnight/ sprouted moong,sprouted black gram with cucumber, tomatoes, onions green chilley black salt and black pepper.

What do you have in lunch?

Multigrain atta's chapati, curd/raita( not of boondi) any vegetables,paneer and salad.

Do you snack often?


What do you have for dinner?

I take soup and salad only.

Are you doing any workout and how important is workout in managing your condition?

Work outs are important. Workouts keep me energetic.

How often do you check your blood glucose levels?

2 times a day

How does monitoring your blood glucose levels help you?

It helps me to check any variations in my bgls. What should i eat and what should i skip.

Which blood glucose meter do you use and why did you choose to use that?

I use Accucheck Active. Availability of machine and strips is more.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Drink /eat raw vegetables/ juices. Add Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, methi, tej patta(bay leafs), cinnamon and curry patta. Cummin , ajwaiyan in your diet. Drink 2 to 3 ltr water, eat every green and leafy vegetable available. Eat less in dinner.stay stress free. Walk more.

Kuldeep Kumar

My advice to you all is not to take Diabetes lightly, because it effects your body slowly and causes a lot of damage to your body.

With a healthy lifestyle and controlled diet it is possible to reverse Diabetes!!  So start acting today . 

Also gain as much knowledge as possible on Diabetes !!​

HDFD Thanks Mr.Kuldeep Kumar for his valuable time and Advice,  Did you reverse your Diabetes, please tell us your story and Be a Role Model !!