How to motivate yourself to fight against diabetes just like Kamal Haasan , Halle Berry & Sonam Kapoor


Did a Colleague of you or a Friend of you said ” Oh My God You are diabetic ” Life will be very difficult if you have diabetes  – too many problems etc. One of my colleague started saying ” Diabetes aaya matlab gaya ” . How should I react ??  Did you come across a similar situation ?? Are you sick of people worrying more than you about your diabetes.

Don’t get disturbed, Did you ever feel bad for being short, being dark or having cat eyes – NO you shouln’t be. Your life is yours you have to handle it and make it big without any doubt like the bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and Hollywood actress halle Berry.

Dont be surprised to know that Sonam Kapoor is type -1 Diabetic , Is her life over ?? no Then why yours-

Did you ever know that legendary actor Kamal Haasan is a type-1 diabetic ? How can you know that because he always talks about what he likes and beleives he can live a great life even if he is diabetic.

Sugar levels blood mein dikne se problem nahi hain, Aapka chehrey mein dikna nahi chaahiye

Halle Berry is also diabetic, Does that stop her from doing action movies or going ahead in life- No– Then why should you stop progressing or living.

Many more Celebrities are diabetic,,, But they dont stop or look back just because they have diabetes

how to motivate yourself to fight against diabetes

Please understand most of the people around you geenerally are good at de-moralising and talk with half knowledge- I am sure many of the people who say – “ Diabetes aaya matlab bahoot mushkil hain ”  don’t even know it is not a disease and it is just a metabolic disorder which can be reversed and people like pramit Bhargava reversed type – 2 diabetes at the age of 48.

If you are shaken by half baked comments for random people who are important and not so important in your life means you are not motivated enough to believe you can live a happy life even if you are diagnosed with diabetes.

Lord Gautam Buddha says

You are the Author of your own health or disease, So you should able to re write your book without diabetes, WILL YOU ?

First thing I suggest you is to start gaining knowledge about Diabetes, It can help you take wise and smart decisions which can improve and help to overcome your diabetes. I had made a habit to read a lot about diabetes on the internet and also read some good books like Dr. Neal Barnards’ program for reversing diabetes , Living with diabetes in India ,  Living easy with Diabetes and conquering diabetes naturally.

Once we read books our fears will soon fade away and we start thinking positively, You will be surprised to know that after doing a lot of research I understood, Diabetics can eat everything like every one, But they should divide their meals into smaller portions, and once you start bringing life style changes like Healthy Diet , De stressing and Exercising  you can see your diabetes surrendering to your motivation and will power

Not only Diabetes, other diseases and conditions like Blood pressure are  life style syndromes, we can overcome these by making life style changes like doing exercise and having healthy diet full of nutrition.

Next time if some one says, ” Diabetes hogaya tho bahoot mushkil hain “

Tell them, I know about Diabetes and I can manage it so I am not worrying about it, Don’t worry I will take care.

Do you need more motivation to fight against diabetes then see some amazing Diabetes motivational quotes

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