How did Pradeep Shintre reduced his HBA1C from 8.4 to 6.3 in 6months ?


Reversing Diabetes is like a dream come true for many of you, But when someone whom we know reverse their diabetes, its like wow if my friend does it , I can also do it.  Thats why I am sharing success story of Mr. Pradeep Shintre who is just on the verge of reversing his Diabetes after being diabetic for 19 years (since 1997).  Diabetic since 19 years and reversing it seems like a impossible task na!! But remember nothing in life is impossible ( I m possible). let us uncover the secret – how to reverse diabetes even after 19 years of being Diabetic.

There is no specific formula to reverse Diabetes, A specific diet which helped some one to reverse diabetes may not be useful to everyone, Diet requirements are customized But most important thing in getting motivated to reverse diabetes is Reading a lot about diabetes, Reading lot will give you the confidence and will power to reverse Diabetes. So start reading now ( Good books to read on Diabetes)

One impressive thing is He started believing that he can reverse his diabetes in March 2016 and he is very near to reversing Diabetes by Nov 2016. in 8 months how could he do this, Please note this point though he was diabetic from 19 years, he did it in 8 months of time, I want you to understand- how important it is to believe in yourself that you can reverse your diabetes.


What made Mr. Pradeep Shintre to believe He can reverse his Diabetes?

A chance viewing of a program on a regional TV channel by Dr Pramod Tripathi made the difference. ( set me on the path of correcting my lifestyle ( Diet & Exercise) under the guidance of this organisation since March’2016.
I used to take 4 different tablets before joining the program and since 6th May,2016 I do not take any Diabetic medicine , have stopped taking medicine for cholesterol and reduced tablet for hypertension to half.


What was the outcome of the program?
Vital parameters as of last tests on 7th Sept’2016
BMI – 22 ( 26) , Weight 58 kg ( 73.1) , HbA1c- 6.3 (8.4) Waist – 33 inches ( 38) – figures in bracket are before starting the program i.e on March 2016.
[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Pradeep Shintre”]I have yet not cleared Glucose Tolerance test but I am sure I will clear it in near future ![/pullquote]
We will wish and wait for the day you clear your glucose tolerance test Sir.

  • Pradeep Shintre
  • 63
  • Tell us more about you Sir?

A hardcore Construction Management guy throughout my career progressively rising  up to the position of Group Head – Estate and facilities @  L&T Finance Holdings from where I retired in March’2016.

  • type 2 diabetic
  • 1997 , Just before a minor surgery
  • Crestfallen


  • After tests and starting of medication ( Not Insulin)
  • Strictly vegetarian diet.
    No processed food.
    No High GI Fruits.
    Strictly No Milk or milk products like paneer, cheese, Ghee, Curd ( Dahi) etc,.
    Include Raw Vegetables in your meals as much as you can, Include sprouts in breakfast and or regular meals.
    2. At 11 AM & 4 PM I am taking Green smoothie instead of tea.
    3. Soaked nuts with smoothie @ 4 PM
    4. Limiting percentage of carbs to 30% per meal.
  • 100-125 mg/dl
  • What is your weight now, how much weight did you reduce?
    Weight Management is equally important- I used to weigh 73 Kg – Now it is stable @ 58.5 – 59 Kg. Vegetable Juice Feasting is greatly  responsible for this weight reduction as also detoxifies your body. Check your BMI ( Body Mass Index ) should be less than 22. ( Latest Trend is to check Height to Waist Ratio, which ideally should be – 0.5, for example if your height is 64 ” then your waist measured just above the bone should be 32″ )
  • 6.3%
  • Very Important. Probably only way to manage diabetes along with exercise
  • Substituted a Green smoothie in place of Tea/Coffee 2 times a day. Morning after waking up, .
    Breakfast consisting of cooked food made of only Pulses ( Besan Chila etc ) + Raw Vegetable salad

reverse diabetes success stories india

  • Limiting Carbohydrates intake to 25/30 % of meal + Salad+ Dal + vegetables
    Use Low GI Grains one at a time ( If i eat chapati the no rice & vice versa )
    typically – 1 Chapati, 1 small bowl of Salad, Dal & Vegetables
  • Some times but Not Carbs , typically items made of pulses flour
  • Same as lunch
  • Yes – Gym 3 days a week, @ 5 km walk 2 days a week.
    Stair climbing @ 250 steps every day 1.5 Hours after Lunch
    Rest 2 days a week.
  • 2 times a day
  • Understand the good Or bad effects of what I eat and that enables me to make small adjustments in my meals.
  • Accu Chek Active ( read – Tips on choosing Blood Glucose meter )
  • Are you taking Medicines to control your Blood Sugar levels?
    I stopped taking medicines Just 2 months after starting the regimen , that means my diabetes has been under control for last 7 months without taking any medicines.
  • Do Vegetable Juice fasting 2 times a month to maintain weight. earlier used to do even twice a week.
    Depending on tests I was prescribed some micro nutrient supplements by doctors to correct some deficiencies.
    The usual suspects – Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and few others. Supplements were nothing special they were what is available in medical store apart from these  regularly taking Chia seeds, Trail mixes of pumpkin,watermelon and sunflower seeds.
    The whole Idea is to restore balance of the system, make the body alkaline.

    One more point to stress is  getting rid of the stress, getting sufficient and sound sleep greatly improves the process of reversal.

[thrive_testimonial name=”Gowardhan” company=”Healthy Diet For Diabetics” image=””]Pradeepji at the age of 63 has believed that he can reverse diabetes and he is progressing impressively,  Do you believe you can do it? Yes you can do it start believing , if you need motivation like our Facebook page –[/thrive_testimonial]

Healthy Diet for Diabetics thanks Mr.Pradeep Shintre for sharing his story of Controlling Diabetes so far . Thank you for being a Role model Sir.

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