I am a pre diabetic now what should I do to avoid Diabetes?


Being a prediabetic means that you’ve got a pre-diagnosis of diabetes. In simple words, you’ve an increased risk of developing diabetes in the near future. Prediabetes is a warning sign and implies the fact that your sugar metabolism is mildly impaired. Pre-diabetes is also termed as “impaired fasting glycemia”.

If you were to look at the blood report of a pre-diabetic, the fasting blood sugar would range between 100-125mg/dl and glycated hemoglobin (HB1C) levels between 5.7% – 6.5%. Pre-diabetics don’t have a clear set of symptoms, as diabetics. That’s why their condition goes unnoticed till they develop diabetes. However, it is important to recognize it and stop its progression to full-blown diabetes. If you’ve pre-diabetes, it’s time to act now!

If you’ve been diagnosed with this condition, you would definitely be asking yourself a question “What can I do to stop it from turning into diabetes”? This is the query of every prediabetic as they are worried about their increased risk of being diabetic in the coming future. The answer really lies in the premises of lifestyle changes. You don’t have to take some kind of expensive medication for turning things right. A good lifestyle is all you need!

Below are some simple yet effective ways that will minimize your risk of developing diabetes in addition to treating your prediabetic state

Be more active: Increased physical activity is the top of list among all the measures that decrease the odds of being a diabetic. According to the guidelines of American diabetic association, doing some kind of exercise for half an hour on regular basis is sufficient enough to maintain your overall body health and blood glucose within healthy levels.

There is no need to buy fancy gym tools or go too hard on your body. You can do simple and mild exercises like brisk walking, swimming, jogging and cycling.  Doing resistance workout like weight lifting twice a week exerts extra effects on hormonal and glucose regulation.

Prediabetics should Eat carefully: Diet is the second most important factor that can either decrease or increase the risk of diabetes progression. Get help from a registered nutritionist to devise a plan according to your blood glucose level. Your nutritionist will check your general physique, nutritional status, glucose regulation and choice of food before making a meal plan for you. The ultimate goal is to create a plan that provides proper nutrition, containing all the nutrients, without raising blood sugar levels. You can check our website for some amazingly simple food recipes for diabetes.

I am a pre-diabetic now what should i do to avoid diabetes

Here is an overview of a basic dietary plan:

  1. Eat more fiber rich foods for healthy gut and better absorption of nutrients. Fiber is mostly empty calories that fills you up real quick. Moreover, fiber also delays the absorption of sugar from your gut and this way keeps your blood sugar down.
  2. Vegetables should make an important part of your daily diet. Choose less starchy vegetables like carrots, broccoli, spinach and green beans.
    Fruits provide healthy sugars and should be taken in moderation.
  3. Avoid processed foods and take whole grain foods instead.
  4. Swap out all the calorie rich foods and replace them with healthy low-calorie foods so as to avoid excess weight gain.
  5. Shed your extra pounds: Obesity is the key factors in causing type2 diabetes, so it’s important to lose extra weight.

Make sure you sleep enough, Because lack of sleep leads to overweight which in turn is a contributing factor for diabetes, To sleep enough you should plan your day smartly and complete work on time, leave office on time and never carry your work home this can lead to sleeplessness.

Leave worry to Mr. Worry, Don’t be Mr. Worry because worry will take you no where ! I know it is difficult for you to get convinced , I have got my motivation from a book written by Dale Carnegie – ” How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” it is an amazing book which teaches you how to manage your problems without getting worried.

Increased body fat masks the insulin sensitivity– Insulin is the hormone that delivers sugar to cells and decreased insulin sensitivity means insulin is unable to work properly. Choose some weight loss program according to your schedule and needs. Get a good amount of information about weight loss foods and exercises. Take a gradual start and remain adherent to your weight loss program.

If you stick to these bits and pieces of advice, you can keep diabetes at bay for long and live a healthy life for sure!

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