I am diabetic what fruit can i eat ?


Don’t worry that you are diabetic and if you will be entitled to eat fruits or not, You can eat many of the fruits !! Don’t look at me puzzled please, I understand your question how fruits can be good for diabetics which taste sweet !!!  Firstly what we need to understand is – Fruits are a source of Sugar  But ,The natural sugars in fruit and fruit juices(without added sugar)  raise blood sugar levels slowly than many refined, starchy carbohydrate-rich foods. So to keep it simple -” 100gm of white rice can release more blood sugars than 2 apples”

Fruits also contain vitamins, minerals and fibre apart from carbohydrates and some of the fruits are anti oxidant in nature help to activate our metabolism. Mostly fruits are diabetic friendly but one thing you need to keep in mind is consuming fruits in the form of fruits is good instead of consuming them as juices or mixed wit icecream toppings, milk shakes etc.

Kiwi is the best Fruit for Diabetics

Kiwi Fruit contains Fructose which releases sugar into blood slowly which means steady blood suagr levels, This almost common with all the fruits, so what made Kiwi Fruit top the List of best Fruits For Diabetics? That’s the point ,, Kiwi Fruit Contains Carbohydrate called inositol which is proven to decrease insulin resistance and also helps in managing good and bad cholestrol.

black jamun second on the list

If you are a diabetic, you can eat Black Jamun happily because Black jamun seeds are well known for reducing blood sugar levels. black jamun contains a glucose called jamboline which has the ability to control the conversion rate of starch into sugar.

Apples are also good for Diabetics.

” Apple a day Keeps Doctor Away ”  is a known proverb But Apples are also considered diabetic friendly even though they have carbohydrate content in them because of other important things like anti oxidants, dietary fibre and flavanoids. glyacemic index of Apples is in between 30 -50.

Guava is the cheap and best Fruit for Diabetics

Yes Guava has a higher concentration of Lycopene ( A Anti oxidant which can fight cancer) and one amazing thing which has recently been revealed by I – Shou University , Taiwan founded in 1986  is that eating guava without outer skin can reduce sugar absorption rate in your blood. Abundance of vitamin c also makes Guava one of the best fruits for Diabetics.

Orange is Tasty as well as Diabetic Friendly Fruit.

Oranges  have high fiber content which is good for digestive health, High in vitamin C which boosts your immunity and moreover the carbohydrates are less which is good, If you like Oranges you can surely include a small sized orange per day.

jack fruit – can help improve insulin Sensitivity

Jackfruit rich in anti oxidants, flavanoids, phytonutrients and potassium . eating jack fruit can keep you energized and full for longer time.  But there are few controversies on Jackfruits impact on Diabetes. So it is advised to keep Consumption of jack fruit occasional.

Are You Diabetic, Do you think any other Fruit needs to be on the list, Please comment .. W e are curious to know about any more Fruits which are good for Diabetics.

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