You can over come your insulin resistance with proper diet ! You don’t need medications to do it


You may not be diabetic , But Read this article because Dr. Mark Hyman says it is possible to detect if one can get diabetic 10 years from now this can be done doing a simple 2 hour insulin-glucose challenge test also called as oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) which can tell if your body has already started developing insulin resistance and if the results say your body’s insulin resistance is more you need to adopt to an insulin resistance diet to improve your body’s ability to use insulin effectively.

As per Dr Hyman if you are one among the following you should go for the OGTT Test

  1. Over age 50
  2. Have Family history of Diabetes
  3. Overweight
  4. Fat build up only in Abdominal portion even though your eating habits did not change much.

If you find any of your family members or friends who fit the above criteria you can advise them to go for the insulin-glucose challenge test. Once you are sure your body has started developing insulin resistance you should start planning your insulin resistance diet. Insulin Resistance diet calls for healthy eating habits and a relaxed lifestyle.

Let us understand why do your cells don’t respond to insulin properly?

As explained by Doctor Neal Barnard Insulin resistance is caused due to intracellular fat, you should not get confused here that the fat is only around your waist, the fat here we are talking is inside your cells which is actually blocking the insulin from doing its work.

Basic rule for battling insulin resistance is to avoid build up of fat in your cells

Following can prevent build up of fat in your cells and make up for a workable insulin resistance diet.

  • Avoid Animal products: People who take a lot of animal products will lead to accumulation of fat in cells which in turn contribute for insulin resistance. By avoiding Animal products like Meat, chicken, fish, eggs and milk you can restrict intracellular fat which is the prime reason why your cells are not reacting to insulin properly.
  •  Keep oils to a minimum: Oils also contribute to fat, keep the oil consumption less and prefer Olive Oil instead of sunflower, peanut or canola oil. olive oil is rich in antioxidants and also fights inflammation, if you don’t know what is inflammation its is important to know because inflammation can make you obese and diabetic
  • Favour foods with low glycemic index: It is well known that foods with low glycemic index do not increase blood sugar levels rapidly, it is highly important we favour low glycemic index foods. Beans, Green Leafy vegetables, most of the fruits, barley, parboiled rice and surprisingly pasta are some examples of low glycemic index foods.
  • Say goodbye to Milk Tea or coffee and start drinking [easyazon_link identifier=”B0042IMPTU” locale=”US”]green tea[/easyazon_link]:I know it is difficult for your tea leave Milk tea or coffee (note caffeine intake limits insulin action and promotes insulin resistance ) at once and embrace Sour tasting Green Tea , but the Green tea is very good at lowering blood glucose levels and Green tea is highly rich in antioxidants which in turn promotes metabolism. initially I had found that taking green tea is boring 🙁 but later on I started taking green tea with few drops of lemon and no added sugar, it tastes good makes you feel refreshed 😀 . still not motivated to include green tea as a part of your insulin resistance diet, then you should read the report published by The American journal of clinical nutrition about How Green tea can decrease insulin resistance.

insulin resistance diet


  • Favour Almonds, Hazelnuts and walnuts: Taking almonds with high glycemic index foods like pasta, rice etc will slow down the absorption of glucose into our body, Adding almonds to your diet in moderation. Almonds are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals which fight inflammation, I cannot explain enough about goodness of almonds
  • Always say yes to natural foods: Natural foods are rich in nutrients, You should consume more Green leafy vegetables and fruits instead of packed foods. Mouth watering news for diabetics  😆  is that All fruits which taste sweet have low glycemic index and can be consumed in moderation every day and the only exceptions are pineapple and watermelon.
  • Some types of monounsaturated fatty acids, saturated, and trans fats promote insulin resistance, It is important to avoid deep fried foods, Animal fats and dairy products, cookies and cakes especially packed, because to preserve them for longer periods hydrogentaed oils are used.  Avoid these kind of foods to reduce insulin resitance.
  • Throw away all sweets and soft drinks into dustbin: Don’t eat sweets/chocolates  purchased by you. I mean to say this is one way I restrict my intake of sweets and chocolates. Sweets directly raise your blood sugar levels and also they contribute for the accumulation of intracellular fat which makes them a bad insulin resistance diet. I don’t need to tell you why soft drinks are bad for Diabetics.
  • Take vitamin supplements in natural or a pill form: It is essential to have Magnesium and chromium in your diet. Barley and Brown rice are rich sources of Magnesium, Broccoli (also called as cauliflower in India) is a rich source of chromium. Cinnamon is not a vitamin but it works wonders for Diabetics, Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels as well as blood cholesterol levels, It is like a natural insulin. It has insulin-like action.

We love to hear your views about insulin resistance diet ! 🙂

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    • Mahesh chandra,

      It is for diabetes management, But it may also reverse diabetes in some individuals, there are people who could manage their blood sugar levels by helping their cells to become more sensitive to insulin.

      My father remained prediabetic just by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

  • Much of this depends on the type of foods you are eating, once you are
    eating them and also the amount and type of exercise you
    happen to be doing. Because there’s no scientific proof that it’ll help burn away
    your fat, you need to function as judge of regardless of whether you see any actual
    advantages from using this natural remedy. Balanced index eating isn’t
    much dieting as it’s a healthy lifestyle method of eating.

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