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You are here because you may be already knowing that Low glyacemic index foods are good for diabetics. But I still want to explain in brief why glyacemic index is a important factor? Foods with carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream tend to have a high Glyacemic index.  Glyacemic index is a complex subject and in coming we shall cover topics like Fruits more ripe have a different glyacemic index and Cooking method can bring down or make up for glyacemic index. For sake of todays article we shall make it simple low glyacemic index is good for diabetics.

Indian Foods with Low Glyacemic Index.

1) Low GI Basmati Rice :

Rice is not always bad, Good news is if you are Biriyani lover! you may not worry enjoying it because of fear of deiabetes. Because Reserachers found that Basmati rice is having medium glyacemic index around 60 and there are also low gi basmati rice avaialable in the market. and one more variety of rice which is known to have lowest Glyacemic index among different varieties of rice is Swarna and Mahsuri with a GI Value of 55.

2) Brown Rice :

Brown rice also has a lower glyacemic index, GI- 55 . It is believed that Brown rice and and basmati rice have the smae glyacemic index but brown rice has lot more fibre and is considered nutritious.

3) pongal is a Low GI Breakfast Option:

Pongal is a famous south indian breakfast, if you are from tamilnadu you might very well know it for other people you can learn how to cook pongal from google. Glyacemic index of pongal is around 55 , which means pongal is one amongst low glyacemic foods.

diabetic friendly breakfasts

4) Grilled Meat Have No Glyacemic Index:

Meat is a high protien food whihc contains no carbohydrates at all, but it can contribute to fats growing in your body you should limit taking them, But for Glyacemic index point of view Meta is good whihc has GI Value of zero

5) Grilled Fish Have No Glyacemic Index:

Fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty Acids whihc is good for heart and at the smae time the gi value fish is zero. American diabetes Association recommends eating Fish atleast 2 times a week.

6) Nuts are good for Diabetics:

walnuts , Almonds, Cashews and Peanuts are especially good All of these when consumed in a controlled manner help keep your heart and body healthy.GI of nuts ranges from 14 for peanuts to 21 for cashews. So try adding nuts to your diet.

7) Rotis are Essential for Diabetics :

Rotis are diabetic freindly food and all doctors essentially recommed replacing rice with roti because of its low glyacemic index and the fiber content in it, Because fiber content is also very important for good health.

8) pesarattu is a delicious diabetic friendly breakfast:

Among all varieties of Dosas pesarattu has the lowest glyacemic index, pesarattu is made of greengram and this is also makes you feel fuller when taken as break fast. so pesarattu is one of the best diabetic friendly breakfasts in India. If you want to know how to cook pesarattu check this pesarattu recipe.

low gi dosa

9) pasta:

Glyacemic index of pasta varies between 43 t0 61 it also comes unde low glyacemic foods. if you like pasta you can add it tot the regular breakfast routine list.

10) Maggie Noodles is also a Low Glyacemic index food:

Luckily your favourite fast food maggie noodles also is a low glyacemic food- about 45 , Thats interesting if you want try noodles whith a lower glyacemic index you should try Mung Bean Noodles

11) Apple & Oranges very low GI Foods:

You never have to get disappointed about not being able to sweet because you may happily eat 2 apples and one orange a day because Glyacemic index of Apple is 34 and that of Orange is 43

You may refer  harward heath publication to understand Glycemic index

Summary of Glyacemic Index of Indian Foods

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 We will explore more and tell you about all the dishes and their importance for diabetics in upcoming posts

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