How to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels


Maintaining Normal Blood Sugar levels is like a north Indian trying to learn Tamil – I mean to say it is a continuous struggle, but I am sure north Indian will learn Tamil in course of time, if he is willing to do so and also similarly a diabetic can learn how to maintain normal blood sugar levels in course of time, if you are a diabetic ! the first and foremost thing you need to do is to know how blood sugar levels vary in diabetics. what happens inside your body ?

To keep it simple , whatever we eat converts into glucose and this glucose is absorbed by cells to have energy to do work and any form of physical activity, Insulin secreted by pancreas help in more absorption of glucose. But in pre-diabetic or diabetic condition our body is not responding to our own insulin or else our body is not producing enough insulin. So the glucose left out tries to escape through urine some of it is in our blood leading to increase in blood sugar levels.

Video Illustrating Insulin Resistance 

So today let us see three simple fundamental which can help maintain our blood sugar levels normal

1.Reduce your weight and waistline to control your blood sugar levels :

 From the past few years you were not eating much, but you could see your waist grow easily and your trousers waist sizes were frequently changed. That is what happens when your body is becoming resistant to your own insulin. So the Food you consume is not absorbed by cells  resulting in accumulation of fat around your waistline. If you try losing weight / waist size and you can more easily maintain your blood sugar levels

Plan your food by eating low glyacemic index foods, reduce intake of carbohydrates which also means less amount of sugars your body has to process so the insulin supplied is almost enough to manage your blood sugar levels. remember diet means not eating less- it means eating right – Doctor  Ray D Strand recommends taking a 50-25-25 diet – carbohydrates-50% , Proteins-25% and Fats-25%.

2. 30 minutes of walk Everyday to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar levels

Diabetics have to make Exercise a part of their Routine without fail, You may think why walking is necessary as you are already controlling the diet, But it is proven that Walking or any form of exercise or physical activity like swimming, cycling, badminton or any sports which you enjoy can make your body respond to its own insulin. So Exercising can help you maintain normal blood sugar levels and also  can give you freedom to take a chocolate or ice cream once in a while.

Exercise  to lower blood sugar levels

3. Nutritional Supplements to take control of your Blood Sugar Levels

 Taking Nutritional Supplements also is proven to maintain your blood sugar levels normal, These Nutritional Supplements include Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin E, Chromium, Vanadium and Magnesium. Because all these can improve insulin sensitivity letting your body to absorb glucose easily .

  1. Anti Oxidants – Green Tea, Oranges Grapes and Apples.
  2. Vitamin E – Almonds, Spinach, Fish, Broccoli, Olive Oil, Avacados.
  3. Chromium -broccoli (cauliflower – indian), Grape juice, Potatoes, nuts, red wine and Orange Juice.
  4. Magnesium – Sesame seeds, Almonds,Brazil Nuts, Cahews, pine nuts and peanuts.
  5. Vanadium – Green beans, Corn, Oats.
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    I don’t know what can i do.Please advice

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