Mr. Sonik Porwal shares his secrets about managing diabetes since 13 years


Mr. Sonik Porwal belongs to the Corporate India . By profession he is into domain of Sales and Business Development  which is a challenging profession. he has been diagnosed with diabetes 13 years ago. he is managing his diabetes effectively by following a healthy diet and doing yoga regularly. He  was successful in reducing the insulin shots he used to take after consistently doing yogasanas including breathing exercises.

I know it is more interesting to listen in his own words, So here we present you with a short interview with Mr. Sonik Porwal about managing his diabetes since 13 years.

sonik porwal1. Name : Sonik Porwal

2. Age: 46 years

3. Tell us about your Profession?

I am a Sales and Business Development Professional.

4.  Are you a Diabetic?

Yes I am a type-2 Diabetic.

5.  When were you diagnosed with this condition?

13 years ago in July 2003.

6. Do you take medication ?


7. Are you on insulin? if so could you do anything to reduce the no of insulin shots.

Yes, Yoga and Diet Management helped.

8. What do you prefer to eat for breakfast?

Idli, sprouts, bread & omlet.

breakfast for diabetics

9. What do you prefer to have in lunch ?

Normal Vegetarian Food.

10. What is your mantra to ensure no blood sugar spikes?

Avoid Such Food and if eating then control with longer walk and Yoga.

11. What do you have in Dinner ?

Avoid Wheat/Rice, Try other millets like Corn/Bajra and focus on Vegetables and fruits.

(The meals should be kept free of flour, cornflakes, wheat and rice,’ Gaurav Sharma, a diabetologist, sports medicine and lifestyle doctor)

12. Is exercise a part of your daily routine ? If Yes , what type of exercise do you do?

Yes, Yoga and Walk, Multiple yogasanas, Combination of standing, sitting, prone and supine positions

13. What are your fasting blood sugar levels now?

100-125 mg/dl

14. What is you HBA1c now? What are you targeting in future .

Not sure, have not measured.

15.  Do you measure your Blood glucose regularly.

I check once in a week without fail.

16. Which Blood Glucose meter do you use?

[easyazon_link identifier=”B018O3E0Q4″ locale=”IN” nw=”y” tag=”readitt-21″]Accu Check[/easyazon_link] , this was suggested by my doctor.

17. Anything else you would like to share with us ?

Diet Control and timely eating helps in controlling sugar. A regular exercise rhythm  also has a positive effect.

HDFD Comments

From this interview we can learn yoga, healthy diet and blood glucose monitoring can help diabetics manage their diabetes.

HDFD thanks Mr. Sonik Porwal for his valuable time and suggestions.

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