One Destroying Habit which is leading India towards Diabetes !


I receive emails , Facebook messages etc from many People and I see many are in the age group of above 40 years, I get messages from both men and women. What has changed the last 10 years? which is leading to high increase in number of Diabetics in India. Most of the people say it is due to faulty lifestyle. But my focus in this article is to analyse why people are leading a bad lifestyle ?

No one wants to lead a bad lifestyle , But why are we compelled to do so?

There are many reasons

But I want to emphasize on one Reason which I believe is the dangerous one-




This one habit actually creates a lot of confusion and Destroys the Eating habits,

Skipping breakfast is one of the major issue:

Let us see why many office going people skip breakfast? The answer is simple- Time nahi hain?

I ASK THEM- for Making / Eating ?

For Eating? So people do not have 15 minutes of time for breakfast in the morning?

Yes it is true for many people especially living in Metro cities.  Their travelling time to Office is more than 1.5 hours or so.

one_destroying_habit-1 (1)

Let me tell you an example. Rakesh (name changed) works with a Software company. He works till 8pm because he wants success in life. As he works till 8 pm, he reaches home at 9:30 pm and then he takes bath and sits, Sometimes his wife says, Idli ka suji khatam hogaya leke aayenge kya.  he goes out to bring idli ka suji and gets back to house after 20 / 30 minutes, Koi milgaya tho gappe marna padega na.

He is at home by 10:10 pm and then slowly starts eating watching a TV Show. As Rakesh feels this is the most enjoyable time he has he eats without limits, Eating Dinner finished by 11:00 pm, After eating Dinner He starts looking at whatsapp messages?? and kills time till 11:30 / 11:45 pm. And then goes for sleep.

So if he sleeps at 11:45 pm, He gets into sleep after 12:15 / 12:30 am and sleeps till 07:30 and lies on the bed till he gets his bed coffee / tea. Why bed coffee is required ? Answer is simple – People who do not have enough sleep need caffeine to wake up.  After taking bed tea/coffee he goes to the toilet to try his luck if he can empty his stomach followed by brushing the teeth and bathing. He gets ready by 08:30 am. and sits down to eat breakfast, If his wife is not able to prepare the breakfast in time / Mr. Rakesh wakes up late he will not have the time to eat breakfast.

Lack of Enough Sleep will make you eat more and crave for junk food,

Surprisingly as per the latest survey, 93% of Indians are sleeping less than 8hours per day.

Purposeful or aimless surfing, chatting on the Internet and checking e-mails keep a majority of people awake past midnight. Are you one amongst them.

[pullquote align=”right”]Surprisingly 40% of the Indians go to bed after 11 pm. [/pullquote]

He ends up eating  biscuits  with one more cup of coffee to kill the hunger at office. But still most of us feel we are developed and modern people So missing one day’s breakfast also becomes a matter of pride.

What is happening is we are starting our day with coffee /tea which makes the stomach acidic and we skip breakfast sometimes and as a result we start feeling hungry before lunch, as we are hungry before we will drink one more cup of coffee and snack haldirams / britannia . and when the time comes for lunch we are not hungry enough to eat the lunch so we eat very less of it and close the lunch box, most of us throw away the food because – Wife deknese gussa hogi.

As we did not eat proper lunch we are again bound to get tempted towards, panipuri, chat, noodles, vada pava, etc in the evenings..

So I asked Rakesh Why don’t you come from Office early? Is it necessary to stay at work that late? He said yes, but there is a question mark in his face ( I can guess the answer is not 100% yes) most of the days he can come early, But he is not trying to do so. It is important to prioritize our health over all other things.

If you can Plan, Most of you can come Home Early by one hour. Don’t think Ghar jaldi Aane se Wife kuch kaam bataayegi. Sometimes you will share the workload of your wife, She will be very happy – Try to understand happy wife’s can make happy husbands and a happy couple can make up for a happy family.

You people will get some time to talk heartfully and you can de-stress, Time you spend with family can help a lot in de-stressing your self. Once you get into a habit of coming home early, you can wake up early and start doing some exercise.

[thrive_testimonial name=”Gowardhan ” company=”” image=””]Bottomline is in the last 10 years Indians are sleeping less than anytime before, Lack of sleep inturn is provocating to bad eating habits, Bad eating habits are again leading to improper sleep and this continious cycle is creating lifestyle imbalance and diseases like Diabetes. [/thrive_testimonial]