Your action required to prepare your personal diet plan

Thank you for choosing to get a Diet plan from us.
Please answer the questions at both the links.
Please answer the questions carefully at the link below. (it may take up to 45 minutes of time)  So answer this in your free time peacefully, don’t answer the questionnaire in a hurry.
You also need to answer the following Body type quiz to assess your body type (as per Ayurveda)
Questionnaire-2 : Your body type questionnaire
after answering the questions don’t forget to hit the submit button at the end
After receiving your answers I will talk to you (within 48hrs), find more details about your problem and create a diet plan based on your inputs.
After talking to you I will prepare your diet plan and Deliver it to you within 4 more days.
So approximately it can take 7 days to send you the diet plan from the date you ordered it.
Thank you 
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