pitta dosha personality


Did you come across the word dosha as per Ayurveda, Ayurveda differentiates people with different body types using Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha. If you doubt you are a pitta personality? Then lets see what are the properties, physical and mental attributes of Pitta Body types.

  1. Pitta Persons generally have warm blood, and their temperature is on the higher side , If someone  touches you they will say your body is hot.
  2. Pitta persons will have sharp features, are known for their intellect.
  3. Has confident and forceful personality, They like to convince and they like to lead.
  4. Pitta people do not like to sit in one place, they like to keep moving and keep going, They cannot remain idle they will always be seen doing something.
  5. Pitta people’s skin is oily, smooth and hair would have oily texture . Skin is Prone to pimples, acne, moles.
  6. Type – p , personalities are knowledgeable, logical and practical.
  7. Pitta type personality generally are intolerant to heat.
  8. Pitta type hair growth is slow and hair shows signs of premature greying.
  9. Have more  Hunger and thirst , may be called a Foodie also, They expect food to be ready and most of them carry snacks so that they can eat whenever they feel hungry.
  10. Pitta types like eating cold and chilled food items.


  1. Pitta body types have Moderate sexual desire and enough energy.
  2. Pitta types remain fearless if opposed by anyone and can easily be angered.
  3. Pitta types have logical understanding and decision making is an easy task for them.
  4. Body of pitta types is generally symmetrical and pleasant looking.
  5. Eyes are generally small, but they have a penetrating gaze, Eyes are bit towards yellowish / reddish when pitta dosha is imbalanced.
  6. Body odour is unpleasant.
  7. Pitta types get angry soon and calms down fast.
  8. Pitta types are fond of dressing up and looking good.
  9. Pitta types have a good moral character but can get envious at times


Ailments suffered in pitta types.

  1. Burning sensation in eyes,
  2. Pain in ears.
  3. Acid eructation.
  4. Burning sensation in palms and soles of feet.
  5. Burning sensation in entire part of the body.
  6. High body temperature.
  7. Fissures on surface of the body.
  8. Offensive smell from mouth.
  9. Unsatisfied hunger.
  10. Mouth ulcers.
  11. Procttitis of the anal region.
  12. Inflammation of penis.
  13. Jaundice.
  14. Excessive thirst.
  15. Inflammation of throat.
  16. Deep cracking of the skin.
  17. Degeneration and softening of muscular tissues.

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