How Peter Gurdev reduced his HbA1c from 10.5 to 6.0 % by intense workouts and Nutrition


Peter Gurdev is a Pharmacist based in the UK. He was taking 3 metformin 500mg daily. Total cholesterol 6.5 triglycerides  12. has improved his condition drastically by following a healthy diet and intense workouts. Let us see what he has to share with us all to motivate us to reverse diabetes.

peterTell us about you in few lines?

My Name is Peter Gurdev , 36 years old . I’m a Pharmacist based in the uk. Cutting a long story short. Diagnosed type 2 was taking 3 metformin 500mg daily. Total cholesterol 6.5 triglycerides 12. Now taking 3 metformin weekly and brought total cholesterol down to 3 and triglycerides down to 1.4 without statins or fibrates. Lost 10% body fat. Still work in progress but getting there and I also teach people how to get there via nutrition and 10mins daily workouts.

What are you ?
type 2 diabetic

When did you came to know that you are type -2 diabetic ?
July 2011

What was your reaction when you got diagnosed with type-2 diabetes?
I was pre diabetic for many years so I wasn’t surprised.

How did your Doctor confirm you if you are Diabetic type 2 ?
HBA1C was 10.5

What lifestyle changes did you make to overcome type-2 diabetes?
initially took the medication as directed. It was metformin 500mg daily. I ate less sugar but my average sugars were not coming down. Eventually my dose had increased to 500mg 3 times a day. Then I did lots of research around nutrition and exercise. I’ve cut out inflammatory foods based on alternative medicinal principles. Reduced wheat and dairy and do 10 mins of high intensity interval training daily.

What are your fasting blood glucose levels now?
< 100 mg/dl

What is your recent HBA1C %
5.7 – 6.4%

How important do you think is diet for managing diabetes?
Absolute importance must be given to diet and exercise

What do you prefer to have in Breakfast?
Porridge or my special recipe smoothie

What do you have in lunch?
Baked potato with beans and lots of salad. Sometimes a Quinoa salad with houmous, red pepper and baby spinach and brocoli.

Do you snack often?
Handful of mixed organic nuts

What do you have for dinner?
Smoothie or brocoli and cauliflower with a veg curry

Are you doing any workout and how important is workout in managing type -2 diabetes?
10 mins high intensity interval training 3 times a week and once weekly heavy strength training. It’s super important to do the correct type of exercise. These type of exercise builds more lean muscle. The more lean muscle you have the more insulin sensitive you become. That is the ABSOLUTE key in reversing diabetes.

How often do you check your blood glucose levels?
once in every three months

Anything else you would like to share?
For Any free tips, advice or information please join my Facebook page Pete’s Real Health.

HDFD Thanks Peter Gurdev for his time and Suggestions