How did Prem Prakashji reversed his diabetes & reduced his weight by 15 kgs in 5 months


After taking pills to manage diabetes for 3 years , Prem Prakashji on one fine day while watching TV, he came across Narendra Modiji's speech which was promoting International yoga day. That has helped him reverse his diabetes with in 6 months.

One thought came in his mind if the whole world is thinking about Yoga , why can't I , He started Following Ramdev Baba's Yogasanas on TV and implemented them. And the results are amazing.

Yoga is very powerful, but when combined with good diet and discipline it is very easy to reverse diabetes, says Prem Prakashji Now he believes in cooking food in traditional old way, eating natural foods and motivates others to reverse diabetes naturally.

I will not make you wait more, Let us listen about Success story of Mr. Prem Prakash Kaundilyal in his own words


I was taking pills to manage my diabetes after I was diagnosed diabetic in 2012 for 3 years I was highly depressed

One fine day I had a chance to watch a tv program in which Ramdev Baba was telling It is possible to control diabetes with yoga.

After starting yoga and controlling my diet I could reduce 15 kgs weight in 4 months and blood sugar levels came under control without taking medicines.

Name: Prem Prakash

Age: 39

Type-2 Diabetic

Diagnosed Diabetic in: 2012

Lives in: Patna, Bihar.

When did you came to know about your condition : 2012

What is your profession ?

I am working with a Pharma company as Marketing Support Manager . 

What was your reaction when you got diagnosed with this condition?

I was shocked and depressed when I saw my diabetes level was very high . 

How did your Doctor confirm if you are prediabetic, Diabetic type1 or type 2 ?

I was urinating a lot and when I checked my blood sugar levels Through lab testing That time fasting Report was 350 mg/dl and P.P report was 550 mg/dl,  then Doctor put me on Oral medication.

What lifestyle changes did you make to overcome / manage this condition ?

First 3 years ,i.e 2012-2014 I was just taking pills to control my diabetes,  After that I have started taking medicine and controlled Diet and Morning walk. though it was controlled with medicine and I was depressed with sugar problem.

After 3 years viewing Tv program on Astha channel and listening Baba Ramdev ji on control Diabetes with yog Pranayam exercise I was committed for do it. Then suddenly i have decided go for it .

According to Baba ji he said i have to woke up very early morning 4.30 A.m and take 2-3 Glass luke warm water and go for fresh and then seat in front of tv and watch and do yog exercises. And you will not believe it started working and I reduced my weight 15 k.g in 3 to 6 months and blood sugar goes normal

Prem Prakash

For people who think I dont have time to do exercise or yoga, If our prime minister Narendra Modiji, has time to do yoga - How can I say I dont have time for exercise.

reverse diabetes diet

What are your fasting blood glucose levels now?

< 100 mg/dl

What is your recent HBA1C %

latest HBA1C tested in November 2016 is 6 %.

How important do you think is diet for managing diabetes?

Diet plays a major role in managing diabetes. But diet coupled with exercise is like 1+1 =11.

What do you prefer to have in Breakfast

I take one apple and one glass milk with powervita or protinex powder / 5 to 10 almonds at 9 A.M , one cup Green tea with lemon.

What do you have in lunch?

after that at 10 A.M - 11am I take 2 Medium Size Multi grain Bread ( Roti ) , Green vegetables , Pulse with ghee

When he started yoga and stopped allopathic medicine and started taking madhu nasini  vati and checked blood suagr levels his fasting blood sugar levels were bit high, But he did not loose faith in yoga and ayurveda

He continued doing what he was doing as a result he LOST


Acheived lower blood sugarr levels

What do you Snack often?

4 P.M Dry Fried Grams or Peanuts or Poha , Green tea with Lemon​

What do you have in Dinner?

7 P.m Two or Three Medium Roti , Green vegetables or methi Paratha or sattu paratha and and Milk in the Night.

I was also taking Dalia in dinner, there is two types of Dalia made by patanjali Ayurved which is very useful for Diabetes and obesity patients.

1. Jau Dalia ( Barely Dalia which has less carbohydrates and more fiber. It can be cooked with pulse (Dal ) and green vegetables

2. Mix Dalia ( Pushtahar Daliya ) cooking process is same as Above​

Are you doing any workout and how important is workout in managing your condition?

I do daily work out with fail , but I give more attention to Breathing exercises which called Pranayam . I give 75 minutes to Daily Pranayam . in starting Days I did two times Morning and evening Pranayam and Exercises work out is most important things for manage Diabetes. I do one Hour exercise , 12 yogik jogging steps , 12 surya Namaskar , push ups , seat ups and some other asan exercise totally

How often do you check your blood glucose levels?

Only once in every three months as my blood sugar levels are well in control.

How does monitoring your blood glucose levels help you?

I think we should do more physical exercises, work out , and other things for control Diabetes in comparison of checking blood sugar always.

Which blood glucose meter do you use and why did you choose to use that?

Previously I was using Johnson made select Blood sugar monitor , now I go for pathology.

Anything else you would like to share

I want to share only one thing that is most important in life , Believe in God and self. Believe in yog and do with proper methods it will work

Four important things for effective yog practices

1 Right Method ( first learn proper methods with yog teacher or astha channel in morning time daily )

2 Timing ( timing is an important factors , we should do Pranayam or Asan according given timing. An example is here if you Boil milk , it takes atleast 10 minutes for come on boiling point then you do confirm that milk has-been boiled so same thing in yog it takes time and then your body start taking benefits of yog

3 continuity - when you do pranayam continued with taking break with given timing it starts working

4 concentration - when you do yog with concentrate mind set it starts working.

If you doing kapalbhati make your concentration in Manipur chakra , and it will gives excellent response

# when you do Pranayam , there should be silence

My Advice to Fellow Diabetics

There is 4 *D* required then We can win on Diabetes with Determination, Devotion , Dedication , Discipline , if you think you can do 30 to 60 Hard Exercise and Pranayam then Diabetes will be in your control.

Four things to remember for all

1. Eating should Half

2. Drinking water Double

3. walking / Exercises Triple

4. Laughing 4 times

HDFD Thanks Prem Prakashji for his valuable time and insights, Did you also reverse Diabetes, Share your story with us.