Do you know Diabetes Education is the most important thing in Reversing your Diabetes !

Confused Driver can never reach the destination,
Similarly the confusion of what to eat and what not to eat will not let you eat anything with peace!

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    Diabetes means a life time punishment of not able to eat your favorite foods,, along with that comes the complications. 
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    Eating your favorite foods with guilt.
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    Fearing always about the complications and fear of insulin injections.
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     Social pressure  & lifelong medications etc. 

Hi, I'm  Gowardhan . I have also thought the same way  about Diabetes, Before I started learning and applying all secrets of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga  to reverse my diabetes in 6 months.

So what are the secrets which made me diabetes free? Strict Diet : Strict diet is one of the things but Not Everything!

Before you want to start the journey to reverse your Diabetes, You should actually know what happens in Diabetes inside your body, do you know what happens inside your body ?

We all know the symptoms but most of don't really know what happens in Diabetes inside our body, check the video below.

 Most you may be diabetic for more than 5 years, still do not know that type-2 Diabetes is not a disease of pancreas, it is a disease of our cells which got insulin resistant due to inactivity.  As we don't know we just dont want to exercise and make ourselves more active and choose to take medications to control diabetes.

Are you taking medicines to manage your diabetes?

If you say yes, I will ask you. 

Is the dosage same since past 5 years? ,, If the answer is yes,  then you will not need medicines and you can go off medicines with little extra effort.

I the answer is no,, your dosage is increased,, that means you are not changing your lifestyle,, So that means in long run pills will only worsen your disease... if you dont change your lifestyle.

in course of time More than 70% of the diabetics dosage is increased,, why should dosage increase though you are following most of the diet & lifestyle restrictions etc.

Problem is  Lack of Diabetes Education , So tell me what will you do?-- will you educate yourself or take pills and pray God, " Muje Bachalo ".

I wanted to tell you the secrets of Reversing Diabetes right here, But unfortunately it is not just two lines of advice,  It takes time to educate yourself

Most of the Diabetics are using this three things to control Diabetes !! which is wrong. 

When you go to a Doctor he says " you have to take pills life long,, you just get depressed and feel like " Oh God why are you doing this to me? "" But did the God tell you to take pills? No your Doctor told you to take pills because you are not showing interest in exercising / following healthy diet.  ( please don't blame the Doctor ).

Long term use of metformin can lead to liver or kidney problems and vitamin-B12 deficiency leading to digestion problems.


Long term use of Sulfonylureas may lead to depletion of beta cells of pancreas and increase cardiac risk.

insulin side effects

long term use of insulin can lead to weight gain, narrowing blood vessels and promote growth of tumors and cancerous cells.

So You tell me if you are interested to control reverse your Diabetes naturally? 

So your First step to Reversing Diabetes is getting the awareness required.

Awareness means only clarity no confusion.  no guilt,, you have to know what foods to eat, what should you do ,, what you should not !!

We will tell you everything required and make your Educated regarding Diabetes.​

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