skin care for diabetic patients along with recommended diet


Itchy, dry skin, oh god why it is happening to me, i know you are not different from 33 % of Diabetics who suffer Skin problems, So Skin care for diabetic patients is very important. Diabetes has got many complications and can potentially affect every part of your body. Skin, unfortunately, is one of the commonly affected parts. Diabetics are more prone to have skin problems as compared to healthy people.

High sugar levels cause fluid loss leading to dry skin. This dry skin cracks easily increasing the chances of skin infections. Moreover, diabetes causes neuropathy where nerve sensations are lost. The sweat and sebaceous glands present in extremities like feet and legs lose their neuronal connection and fail to produce any secretions.

Therefore, it is essential to take extra care of your skin if you are having diabetes to avoid any serious complication. The following text explains some easy and effective ways to have a normal healthy skin while you deal with your high blood sugar levels.

Proper Moisture: Dryness is the basic cause of many skin problems in diabetics. Keeping a good level of moisture is the key to a healthy skin. You can use any kind of moisturiser. Place this lotion or gel near to your bathroom so that you can use it after washing your body. However, don’t use it between your toes as it can also lead to a skin infection. Use a mild soap without containing harsh chemicals. After bathing, dry your body thoroughly in every inch of your skin. In winters, don’t rub your skin after taking a bath, pat it gently with a towel and apply mousturiser [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00AHH00TC” key=”small-light” locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″] or oil to the whole of your body.

Control your high blood sugar levels: This is goes without any saying. If you have a good control over your blood glucose level, you won’t have to worry about diabetes complications. Follow a diabetic meals plan, take your medication on time and adjust your insulin levels according to your sugar requirement. Consult your health physician on a regular basis. Raised sugar is the only reason behind all of the skin problems so try to control it as much as possible.

Avoid hot water: Hot water soaks all of your skin moisture leaving a dry skin. You won’t want your skin to become even drier when you are already trying to increase its moisture. So avoid bathing in hot water and make a habit of short showers.

Moist the dry part of your skin: Avoid scratching the dry skin if it gets itchy or painful. Apply some moisturizing gel-like petroleum jelly to heal it rapidly. Use lip balm if you are having cracked lips.

skin care for diabetics

Drink plenty of fluids: You might already be taking a lot of water as diabetes causes excessive thirst. In the meantime, there is excessive urination and body does not really gets enough water. Avoid dehydration and try to drink plenty of fluids to give natural moisture to your skin. You can take fresh juices that are also enriched in skin-friendly vitamins.

Take care of small cuts: Small cuts can become easily infected. Wash the cut with warm water. Apply an antibiotic cream and completely cover it with a light gauze piece. Change this bandage once a day. Try to make a small medical kit by having some basic things there all the time. Your skincare kit should include cloth or gauze bandages, antibiotic ointment, paper tape and cleaning swabs.

Treat minor burns the right way: A burn usually leads to blistering. Don’t try to pop the blisters as it will delay the healing process. Put your burnt part under tap water and then apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Use a cloth or gauze bandage and change it daily.

Limit your skin products: Most of the skin products have a drying effect if not chosen or used properly. These products can further damage your already dry skin by causing skin irritation. Limit such products and if you have to use them, don’t forget to wash them properly followed by some moisturizer.

Eat foods high in Omega3 : Foods high in Omega3 can nourish skin, gaurding your skin from ill effects of diabetes, Some of the foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids are Walnuts, Flax seeds, cloves (also called lavang in hindi) , spinach, fish, soy beans combined with vitamin c, Vitamin b3 (chicken tomato, mushrooms & peanuts), vitamin b6 (spinach , cabbage, garlic ,cauliflower etc) , zinc (beef, spinach, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews etc)  & magnesium ( spinach, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, almonds etc)

Also reduce intake of vegetable, nut, grain and seed oils (which are very high in Omega-6)

Diabetic Skin Care Products: skin care creams are designed for the skin care needs of people with diabetes. these creams are made of moisturizing formulae which is a blend of moisturizers, vitamins and skin protectants specially selected for diabetics , few available in India like [easyazon_link identifier=”B00AHH00TC” locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″]gold bond[/easyazon_link] .

If you still get some skin problem, don’t hesitate to contact your physician to get it treated at the earliest.