Is vijaysar Diabetic Tumbler effective in Controlling Diabetes?


Is vijaysar tumbler really effective in reducing blood sugar levels ? Answering this question was not easy at all , it took more than 20 hours of research to write a review on  vijaysar tumbler also known as diabetic tumbler. Vijaysar is a herb which has anti diabetic properties as per Ancient Ayurvedic text and heart wood of vijaysar tree has pterostilbene – which can rejuvenate beta cells in pancreas, lowers inflammation, triglycerides and insulin resistance.    but complexity arises about the Vijaysar Tumbler and if drinking water stored in night is really effective in blood sugar levels. Sorry for not being able to answer the question straight. As the subject is complicated I have broken it into few more subjects to understand and take a decision.

Whats on the internet about vijaysar tumbler aka diabetic tumbler

Cure diabetes with Diabetic Tumbler

Vijaysar Herbal Wood Tumbler (Indian Kino Tree Cup) is widely used by traditional healers of India since thousand of years for blood sugar management. Effects of this herb for controlling blood glucose in type 2 Diabetes is well documented in clinical trials and is found to reduce Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) & Post Prandial blood sugar (PBS). It also prevents development of long-term complications of type 2 diabetes.

Blood Sugar remedy for type -2 diabetes control – says website  holycrystals


Do these Vijaysar tumbler really reduce blood sugar levels?

I know this is one doubt you and many diabetics have in their mind. As the method of drink water out of container made of wood seems so simple and doubts arise if this vijaysar diabetic tumbler will work or not? But This vijaysar  tumbler is helpful in controlling blood sugar levels as vijaysar herb is antidiabetic , only one difficulty is to get a Vijaysar tumbler which is genuine because a common man cannot identify wood.


What are uses of vijaysar as per ayurveda?

Vijaysar is quoted as effective in the following ways in Ancient Ayurvedic Texts. It is a powerful herb which can is useful not only in diabetes but also in several disorders like urinary tract disorders,  skin diseases, throat disorders, herpes, vitiligo, leukoderma etc. Many Ayurvedic Doctors advocate on effectiveness of vijaysar. You can refer below picture for more.

vijaysar uses


what does clinical trails say?

Clinical trials conducted by Indian Council for Medical research  has reported improvement in fasting blood glucose levels and HbA1c (refer report ) and National Center for biotechnology information USA reported usefulness of vijaysar in insulin resistance and anti-diabetic properties (refer report )

the table above suggest central part of stem– bark – heartwood should be used.

So it is proven that Vijaysar is effective in controlling diabetes. Though there are no specific research conducted on vijaysar tumbler.

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how many vijaysar tumblers are available in the market?

It is not very easy to find Vijaysar diabetic tumblers in the market physically, But quite a lot are available online, I am listing below some of the market places where you can find this vijaysar tumbler.


Vijaysar tumbler online prices?

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”131″ identifier=”B01EA4I9PY” locale=”IN” src=”” tag=”readitt-21″ width=”160″]Online price of Vijaysar tumbler is in the range of INR 300 to 1500. But I believe 500 INR is a reasonable price as on date (03-02-2016) for this Diabetic Tumbler. I have got this tumblers from a local carpenter in Korba- chhattisgarh at a price of 200 INR per Tumbler in 2011.  My Father who used this Tumbler reported it is good in controlling Diabetes and afterwards when I have moved from Korba I did not get this anymore.


Available on Amazon at a price of INR 399


Available on INR 599

Available at Ebay from INR 450 onwards



How to identify if these tumblers are original or duplicate?

This is the toughest part , I think a word of mouth from who had used and benefited is useful in deciding, apart from this you may try from a local shop whom you know. If purchasing online check if the company selling vijaysar tumblers online also sells different Ayurvedic products.  I would consider following points if buying online.

  1. Is the Seller reputed in selling Ayurvedic products ?
  2. If you find this tumbler on, you can check the reviews. I personally prefer rating of above 4/5 and no of customers reviewing the product should be above 50.
  3. I also try to understand how long is the website /company in the market and also how are the other products of the same company performing.


How to use vijaysar tumbler?

1. Fill the wooden tumbler with drinking water at night. 
2. In the morning, empty the water which is now colored, into a clean tumbler, Filter the water and drink it . 
3.Continue this for at least 30 days and when the colour of the water stops changing the colour, scratch the 4.inside of the glass carefully without hurting yourself and use again for 7-15 days. 
5.Use one tumbler maximum for 45 days. 
6.After 45 days use a new tumbler.


Vijaysar tumbler side effects

There are no side effects as mentioned by Indian council for medical research, But you should filter it with a cloth  before drinking it, some people complain of irritation in the lips. I believe it is due to drinking this water out of tumbler without filtering it.


Vijaysar tumbler user opinions/reviews.

I have found some user review on healthunlocked which are having a mixed review– i.e some say good some say not so good.

To arrive at a conclusion , I also had a chat with my friend Sujeet Kumar Gupta – Ayurvedic Diabetes Specialist who also manages a very resourceful Face book group – Diabetes Control Care below is the snapshot of the chat I had with him.

Screenshot 2016-02-03 18.38.58-crop



He has suggested if you have doubt if these tumblers are original or not, go for vijaysar churna , i.e [easyazon_link identifier=”B013FZXM2E” locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″]vijaysar powder[/easyazon_link]to make vijaysar kwatha . kwatha is a ayurvedic word which actually means dicotion of  powder and water.

HDFD Conclusion : Vijaysar is an effective herb in managing diabetes with anti diabetic properties and also is good at improving insulin resistance.  So you may go ahead and use the diabetic tumbler, Due to duplicate tumblers available in the market I recommend you to purchase one from a reputed seller  and see if it works for you – if it works it will help manage your diabetes and if it does not work you will lose INR 500 . Alternatively you may also try Vijaysar herbal powder

We are eager to know your feedback if you have already used this [easyazon_link identifier=”B01EA4I9PY” locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″]Vijaysar tumbler[/easyazon_link], Tell us your experience and if you are going to use this tumbler ,, please share your opinions here.

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